Stars and fairy lights…

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image Nasa

Walking home in the dark last night, my village was aglow with fairy lights…thousands of tiny, shining stars, blue, white and all the colours of the rainbow, twinkling in the darkness and lighting the way. The everyday ordinariness of living vanished against their sparkle, the damp pavements reflected their glimmer and, for a moment, there was the childhood magic of Christmas Eve in the air once again.

The scene reminded me of a video that my son had shown me a few days ago, footage from the Hubble telescope, presented as if the viewer was journeying with it, at terrific speeds, deep into space. Points of light grew bigger and bigger as you approached. Fantastic nebulae and multi-hued stars flew past… things we cannot see with the naked eye were revealed in all their complex and colourful beauty. Billions, trillions of them… numbers so vast that we probably cannot name…

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