Mirror And Candle Gazing

The Witch & Walnut

1Welcome back! I have to ask….. how are your personal daily one card readings going? I would love to hear from you guys.

Tonight we are moving onto mirror candle gazing, it’s a form of meditation and divination you can do at your altar or the bathroom/bedroom mirror. Its important to sit comfortably at eye level with the candle in the dark. The purpose of this is to really see yourself and possibly others. Seeing yourself alone, just you staring back at you, what would you say to yourself? Would you be encouraging, comforting, self-defeating, scared, worried, happy, confused…….. This is all mind work and takes time and patience, this could be the start of something new for you and can be quite powerful.

All you need is a mirror and a candle, you don’t need music or incense, just a quiet space. Make sure there is nothing reflecting in…

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