Halloween Quiz! Which Vampire Are You?

female-vampire pd

Vampires are the quintessential outsiders. Often beautiful and ruthless, they will stop at nothing in their quest for survival.  Although some mortal folk become squeamish at the idea of blood drinking, there is no denying that blood is the life force of all humanity. We should welcome rather than fear it.

Personally, I feel there is a bit of vampire in everyone.

If given the chance to become immortal, would you accept it? Which vamp lifestyle would you prefer?  Are you southern charmer Bill Compton of True Blood fame? Perhaps the treacherous Lestat of Anne Rice’s lore? The horrifying Nosferatu? Or the indomitable Eric Northman?



Find out your undead identity!

CLICK HERE to take the quiz.

(If ads come up just skip them and go to the next question)

Let me know who you get!

Source: Halloween Quiz! Which Vampire Are You?

4 comments on “Halloween Quiz! Which Vampire Are You?

  1. Which Vampire Are You?
    I got: Lestat de Lioncourt
    Lestat, from The Vampire Chronicles, is the poet vampire, the rock-star vampire. Like him, you see the romance and beauty of the vampire life, even the killing part, and you revel in it. You’re part of the circle of life—in fact, you’re the best-looking, most fun part of it. Viva Lestat! YAAY!


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