13 Black Candles
3 Handfuls GraveYard Dirt
1 Picture of Your Foe
1 Stroke of Midnight

Take the picture of your Foe and in Red Ink write their name across the front of the picture

Lay it flat down on a table

Pour the GraveYard Dirt over it

Count out the Candles 1-13 then Circle them around the picture

When the clock strikes Midnight light the candles thinking about the person you are casting this Spell on

Once you feel that strong energy of Revenge ravaging through your Blood making your Blood boil take the picture

Sweep the GraveYard Dirt into a Black Cloth and tie it closed with a Black String or Thread

With your Blood at boiling point burn the picture in the flame of the 13th Candle

On the very next Dark Moon Night bury the Black Cloth with the GraveYard Dirt 13 inches into the Earth far from your home

…soon in time as the power of the Spell manifests Revenge shall be yoursBLACK CAT HAIR SPELL for GOOD LUCK

1 Black Cat Candle
13 Hairs from a Black Cat
13 Pinches CatNip Incense

Begin with burning the Incense and once the room or area you are working in is filled with the scent of the Incense light the Black Cat Candle

Keep your thoughts on good luck things

Positive thoughts

How much you want your luck to change for the good

Then one Black Cat Hair at a time toss it into the flames of the Candle always thinking about and asking for Good Luck to come your wayHair of Black Cat
Good Luck come back
Find your way to Me

Tonight I work this Spell
So all may turn out Well
Black Cat bring your Lucky Magick to meUNBINDING


1 Black Candle
1 White Candle
3oz Lime Juice
1 Friday the 13th

During the Evening of any Friday 13th this UnBinding Spell can be Cast to eliminate what you no longer want binding in your Life

Anoint the Black Candle only with the Lime Juice from the bottom of the Candle up to the top while you think about what your UnBinding

What your ridding from yourself

Allow 13 minutes to tic by

Then light the Black Candle

Put your strong energy to good use and pour it into the Black Candle as you light it

For now do not light the White Candle

Focus on what you are doing and be certain your mind does not wander off

Do this for 13 minutes

By the bottom of the Black Candle take a grip and drip the Black wax from the Candle onto the White Candle

Release through your hand what Binds you into the Black Candle as you drip the wax onto the other Candle

Put the Black Candle down

Stay focused

Then drip the Black wax once again on the White Candle

Let it drip down the sides of the White Candle on top and all around no need to be neat

Do this 13 times

Let the Black Candle burn itself out down to its wick

On the very next Night of the New Moon light the White Candle to release what has been binding you

Keep the White Candle burning til it burns out

In a short amount of time you will begin to feel lighter a bit free spirited even happier

…go with it your Spell to release yourself from what Binds you has begun…enjoy it







Source: FRIDAY 13th


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