How to Activate & Use A Hag Stone

Hag Stone

While walking along the beach we were lucky enough to come across this beautiful Hag Stone. Some have one large hole through them whole others have several smaller ones. Ours has three, which was perfect for us as that day we had our youngest daughter with us so it felt as if it was a gift for all of us. We weren’t looking for one intentionally, and often if you are, you will never find one as they tend to find you when the time is right.

Hag Stones have been used for protection, charms, and other forms of magick for generations. You may have heard of them being called Holy stones, Holey stones, Wish stones, Fairy Stones, or Witch Stones. They were often hung on keys, doorways, over beds, or around the neck of a person or their animals (pets and livestock) to protect them from negativity and the influences of evil spirits. You may have even seen one featured several years ago in the movie Spiderwick, one of our favourites!

Ritually they can be used in weather magick for breaking up stormy weather. This is done by threading a cord through the hole and swinging it around you through the air visualising it breaking up the heavy clouds and strong winds.

The Element of water powerfully forms and at the same time protects the Hag Stone from adverse energies and enchantments. This very fact makes it an ideal amulet to wear or work with. Some use these for Faery work as it allows you access to their realm without them influencing you. Hag stones were also used as truth or pledge stones, when looking through these the wearer would know if the other person was being true to them.

Depending on where you found your Hag Stone it may determine the type of Fey you may be more inclined to see. If your stone came from the sea you may be more inclined to see the Fey who dwell there such as the Merfolk or other sea spirits. If it was found in a stream then you may see Water Nymphs and any other Dryads or woodland sprites.

If you are lucky enough to find a Hag Stone to activate the energies of it, leave it outside from sunrise to sunset to charge it with solar energy and then the same when it is a full moon to charge it with lunar energy. Anoint your stone with early morning dew; in fact very early morning is one of the best times to scry for Faeries, the other time being dusk. These are known as the in-between times, and while glimpsing into the realm of Fey you are entering in-between places with your Hag Stone acting as a portal. Place a dewdrop on each eyelid and one on your 3rd eye/brow chakra area to enhance your psychic abilities and attune you to the energies around you.

First you need to find a comfortable spot as this will take time and patience. Close or cover one eye and then gaze softly through the hole at the nature around you. You need to do this while in a state akin to daydreaming so defocus a little and relax. For those who used to enjoy looking at the Magic Eye pictures back in the 80’s and 90’s this is the same technique we can use to scry. To begin with you may find everything turns a little misty or hazy around you and your vision blurs, keep at it, this is part of the process. You may then see flickers of movement, flashes or light, or if you are lucky enough they may show themselves to you.

If you can’t see anything don’t be discouraged it may be that you need a little more practice or perhaps you need to try a different spot. Also like humans, some of the Fey are very private and not all may show themselves known to you. It can also help to bring an offering with you, this could be some food for the birds or other creatures around you, or you could gift a crystal or stone to the fey. Also helping the environment is important, keeping the area you are in clear of rubbish is more likely to attract them to you. If you are doing this in your garden look at planting flowers which will attract butterflies and bees, Faeries love those too.

Source: How to Activate & Use A Hag Stone

14 comments on “How to Activate & Use A Hag Stone

    • Thanks for reading! )0( When I was in Puerto Rico a few months ago, I found “hag shells” on the beach! Don’t know if that is a “thing”, but it is now! 🙂


  1. I’m lucky enough to go to school by the beach and i’ve found three hag stones so far! i’ve been wanting to use one for a love spell and return it to the ocean, but now i really want to try this meditation and third eye awakening!

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    • Someone would be truly blessed to get a genuine treasure like you, Jenny. I saw a photo of a large size boulder hag stone (at least I recognized it) in one of my favorite study blogs, The Silent Eye Mystery School. I love to learn new things, and I am excited to find my own blog stone, but in a different place from where they are normally found. I believe I will find one somewhere in the desert in this area or when we get to Arizona. After all, the deserts were once oceans too! And if you believe, you can make it happen!

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  2. I love you GrannyMoon!!!!! I have been looking for a Crone Goddess who might teach us the wisdom of the elders and who knows those secrets of this planet and all that surrounds it!!! Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic knowledge with all of us. We truly need this today more than ever.

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  3. I was on a beach holiday last month and was thrilled to find 3 dozen hag stones! While the other person I was with only found one 🤔. They weighed 6 lbs to carry home in my luggage. So far I have hung one on my bedpost on a red string and have been wearing one around my neck. Thanks for the great article.

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  4. I have found lots of them on the beach in Norfolk uk , I have them in my garden around my pond , I will look through to see what lies beneath

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  5. I found one on the beach today! We were out looking for stones to tumble and make jewelry and wands from and I found it within the first 30 minutes we were there.

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