How do I create a healthy boundary in an unhealthy situation?

July CMOWe only notice our boundaries when they are tested. They are usually tested by a stressful situation that is not necessarily unhealthy. Unhealthy boundary issues are created by

failing that healthy boundary test over and over again and finding that you have lost the perspective of what is reasonable and healthy and what is codependent and invasive. It is a giant complicated mess to put up new healthy boundaries when you already agreed by compliance to a relationship that is no longer working for you.
I ask the Coventry Magic Oracle – “What candle magic do I need to create a healthy boundary in an unhealthy situation?” I am using the Breakthrough Spread found in the CMO whitebook and using the subject of Healing. Again, the CMO is on point and breaks thru the clutter of “yah, but” excuses we sabotage ourselves with.
To overcome my challenge: Outta My Way Wicked Witch Mojo candle or oil– “Push those issues out of your way and out of your life.”
To transform my fears into strengths: Black Cat Motor City Hoo Doo candle – “Activate the power of your 9 lives and always land on your feet.”
To manifest my goal/desire: Everything and Then Some Wicked Witch Mojo – “Make Strength, power, vitality, and great health a reality in your everyday life.”
Looking at these 3 cards and their matching product I can feel the powerful energy working together immediately. There is not much else you need to do besides allowing the magic to work and take shape in your life. This is not a rip and tear type of transformation, but an awakener of your personal power and understanding of the situation and your role in it.
Bookmark this article because you will need it sooner than you think.
Now, go make some magic!


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