Thulite And Thinkers

Let me introduce… Thulite! This stone is a new acquaintance, but already quite a favourite… I’ll explain…

This may look like an unassuming little pebble, but it originates from Norway, the “Land Of The Midnight Sun”, at the top of the world, almost, and as such, this crystal is positively brimming with Light, Life and regeneration.

It kick starts the immune system to promote healing and does the same thing mentally, if there is resistance, emotional barriers, to overcome. It’s a demonstrative crystal that helps to overcome shyness and the stress associated with it; likewise it can be used to encourage physical passion within a relationship, and to accept this as a positive manifestation of the human body.

Thulite encourages mental agility, problem solving and logic, balancing love and intelligence, important qualities of Life that we need to move forward.

Problem solving… hmm… I’m rubbish. I’m not particularly good at lateral thinking (those fairies again) although I can sometimes look at an issue and think: “Oh this is how it should be,” even though I lack the technical ability to make it so…

I love to watch thought processes in animals… Rocky, my mother’s pup, amused me. He left his marrowbone outside and went back to fetch it. He was moving quite quietly – I was washing up so I saw the whole thing – but he stopped halfway across the garden.

Sitting on his marrowbone was a large black and white magpie, splendidly glossy and confident. Rocky was watching this magpie very closely, as it used its long pointy beak to stab out pieces of marrow… Finally Rocky could stand it no longer and rushed over to reclaim his bone, and I had to smile at the look of wonder on his face as he realised that the magpie had knocked loose some chunks that he could reach.

He brought the bone back inside and gnawed it thoughtfully for a minute or two, and I could see there was something ticking in his mind… He got up, took the bone back outside and carefully laid it down in the spot where the magpie had previously visited the bone. He retreated to the kitchen doorway to wait…

Sure enough, the magpie came back and fluttered down to sit on the bone and resume exhuming this tasty treat… Rocky gave the bird a good couple of minutes’ work time, and then walked – not rushed – over to to retrieve his bone. Again, there were some bonus piece that the dog could now reach…

Every time my mother buys the dogs bones, now, Rocky will take them outside and wait for the magpie to come down and start the excavation. Teamwork? Innovative thinking? I don’t really know, but to me it was a wonderful illustration of two totally different species working together, Rocky having thought through the easiest way to achieve his goal with a little help from another black and white friend…!

I couldn’t finish without mentioning cats… of course… sometimes my cats make it all too clear what they think of me. Other times, our thoughts are perfectly in synch…

One thing is for certain though, Madame La Princesse, Charlie, thinks she has us all wrapped around her dainty little paw… She’s not wrong either!


Source: Thulite And Thinkers


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