Are You Cursed?


It’s not just about having a bad day it’s one bad day after another

No matter what you do nothing seems to be going your way


Strikes…like someone is out to get you

That misery you feel is outside your control to fix

Sudden thoughts
Unusual urges
Intense feelings

Attack you out of nowhere

I would say that the presence of…

Someone else’s Magick is messing with your head

If your caught up in an active Spell

You just feel it!

This foreign energy is swirling about you giving you a feeling of being watched

A nasty touch hanging in the air or perhaps you even took in a breath of a sudden odor

In order to succeed with such a Spell that has left you Cursed it must hinge upon having access to you the intended target

Are you missing something?

Did you recently think you misplaced an item?

Clothing etc

Having a personal item from the intended target is the nature of the curse and the direction it will takeMagick gives Witches a degree of influence over the World

Maybe even on you!

Do not sabotage yourself into believing nobody really cares enough to curse you

Nasty Magick always strikes to the right target

This Curse has the power and ability to affect your way of thinking as it lives inside of you

It touches the body as it gains power over you

Sapping you of your energy so that you feel bad every waking moment

Please bear in mind that the Force of an attack of being Cursed comes in 3 waves

Each one more serious than the last

So if you believe you have been hit with a Curse the next wave and the one after that will be far from worse…As we always do sprinkle salt deosil (clockwise) around

Bed etc

Think positive thoughts


…and believe in yourself

Weave’d chaos in your mind
On this 3rd night I do bind

Hex of Curse Hex of Hate
I shall bring you down I will not wait

Sleep not your soul is mine tonight
Until the last of the candle lightAre you still reading the words are versed
For if you are you have now just been cursed 💋


Source: are you cursed


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