Rose Quartz – The Love Enabler

Known as the Love Stone, rose quartz is definitely nicknamed that for a reason. Here on this planet to spread unconditional love for oneself and for others, rose quartz is a crystal I advise absolutely everyone to go through life with.

RoseQuartzFO_FO401_MainOne of the most soothing and healing for mind, body and soul, rose quartz carries a loving and gentle energy that has a subtle, yet powerful effect on the individual. It softly opens the heart centre and helps us remove emotional wounds from the past and old beliefs that no longer serve us. It reminds us of how deserving we are of love, both from within ourselves and from others.

Readily available and inexpensive, you will find this crystal in any metaphysical 18274880_10154748036914107_1384333671040289111_nashop across the globe. This baby of mine was one of my first crystal purchases in 2013. Weighing around 2-3kg, this was also the first crystal I felt a true connection with as soon as I held her; I walked straight up to the counter and forked over the money and she has been with me ever since. Nearly every night, I fall asleep cuddling her to the middle of my chest. The weight alone is incredibly soothing and she has beautifully nursed me through many heartbreak moments in the past…

If everyone on this planet had some RQ, this world would be a completely different place.

Source: Rose Quartz – The Love Enabler


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