4 drops palmarosa
1 drop chamomile
1 drop yarrow
1/8 cup jojoba oil

Blend this oil well

Drop and pour oils in a small glass bottle or jar with a tight fitting lid

Swish it around deosil 19x

Wear it as your own personal oil to increase your powers especially when doing SpellWork




To increase your finances

3 parts clove
2 parts cinnamon
1 part galangal

Fill the tub with warm/hot water

After you have mixed together the fresh herbs center them in a large square of cheesecloth

Tie up the ends and toss into the tub water

Soak in the tub water and feel the herbs energies mixing with your own all the while your thoughts are on advancing and growing your finances

And if you like…you may burn some incense and candles while you soak


As the New Moon just begins to peek out from between Planet Earth and the daylight glow of the Sun

We shall tonight be guided by the Stars in the Sky

Make it a time to begin to create your very own recipes

Mixing up what will become yours alone


2 parts rose petals
1 part jasmine flowers
1/2 part cinnamon

Mix and add 1 teaspoon to a cup then pour boiling water over it

Let it steep covered for a few minutes strain and drink while it’s hot!



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