Midsummer Nights Ritual


a1Summer Solstice will soon be upon us, it falls midweek this year so it helps to plan ahead since most of us work all day. This is why I’m posting a week ahead so you can make some plans and enjoy the magic of the night! Its nice to come home and have everything ready to go. Here are a few things I like to do to get prepared.

Plan to bbq dinner that night, it gets you outside! Get everything ready the night before so its good to go on the grill when you walk in the door.

Time to light the fire! If you cannot safely have a fire outside that night, have some candles ready with tall jars so they don’t blow out. A few floating candles would be best, tea lights work great for that.

Keep a jar outside overnight to collect midsummer dew or rain and keep it in your witches cabinet.

Prepare a flower crown, cause who doesn’t like wearing one of those! Every chance I get, I wear it. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, simple works to!

a2Prepare a ritual wash, fill it with fresh water from a stream if you can. Next fill it with nature, rose petals, peonies, wild chamomile, pine cones, fresh pieces of cut grass, lavender and whichever other favorite flowers or herbs you like. Leave this bowl outside all day and let the sun warm and bless it. At night as the sun goes down form a circle of candles around you and start cleansing yourself. Run your hands through the water and start brushing your hands in a downwards motion from your head along your arms, chest, torso, legs and your toes. You don’t have to drench yourself. Your cleansing thoughts are your own,  the purpose of this is that you are letting the light, love and warmth in to live inside you and guide you. Once this is done, step forward over your candle to end the ritual. Traditionally these would be fires that we jump over, but we modify for the suburban life.

cIdeally if you are near fresh water, you would go and release your flower crown and candle into the water. This is considered an offering to the Sun and it is said to bring good luck until the next summer, and to those looking for love, they will soon find it.

aYou can do this on your own or with your friends. Sit all together to form a circle and surround your circle with candles. Each of you can have your own bowl of Sun blessed water. Set the tone by playing some beautiful drumming music. Again, end it with stepping over your candle. Keep your candles on until they burn out if you cannot float them away into water.

I wish you all a wonderful day and night. Let the light and love fill you on this magical night.

Happy Witching!

Source: Midsummer Nights Ritual

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