Some of those Witch traditions evolved around tales of Women who could raise the mighty winds and brew up a summer storm and had a language entirely all their own

It’s a lonely beach at night with the reflection of the Full Moon on the water a warm breeze and a rising tide

That moonlight is hardly predictable but yet I find myself perfectly in tune with it

I walk along on that stretch of beach as the Moon guides my way finding some most important trinkets that will aid me in my magickal life

On a ledge of a rock I stand waiting to be cleansed by the spray of the waves

When I am at the waters edge of the magnificent Ocean something mystical happens as I gaze into the rolling tides crashing about the jetty something within myself happens and I begin to hear the truth as I draw my power directly from the source…the OceanBEACH TRINKETS


ABALONE: general use for any spell
CLAM: purification

CONCH: love
COWRIE: prosperity

CONE: protection
WHELKS: positive change

LIMPET: courage
SCALLOP: travel
SAND DOLLAR: good luckSHARK TEETH: curses ~ glamour spells

CORAL: emotions ~ healing ~ dreams

CRAB: protection

FISH BONES: fertility

OYSTER: love

SALT: cleansing ~ dispel evils

SAND: grounding

SEAWEED: good luckSEA HORSE: understanding

WATER: dreams ~ healing ~ cleansing

HAG STONE: see the unseen ~ protection

SEA GLASS: change ~ purification

STAR FISH: sacred movement ~ emotional flow ~ sensitivity

The Magick of Water is usually performed at the SeaShore but if you don’t live on the coast this type of Magick is actually quite flexible in which Magick Spells and Rituals can take place at your local lake ~ river ~ pond or believe it or not your bath tub will work for you in a pinch


Half way fill the tub with cool water add 3 big handfuls of Sea Salt and a lot of fresh Rosemary sprigs into the tub with the water

Set on the edge of the tub Sea Shells and Blue Candles and begin your Spell

After the Spell is completed bottle the water if you like (filling the tub is not for bathing in)


SEA/OCEAN: banishing ~ cleansing

LAKE: secrets ~ divination

RIVER: transformation ~ change

STORM: strength ~ chaos

RAIN: creativity ~ inspiration

SWAMP: patience ~ stagnation


Choose something that you can wear everyday to remind yourself that you are beautiful and loved

It can be a

Ankle Bracelet
Hair Clip etc

Something that you can give special significance to

When in doubt…

Touch your Talisman

As your fingers feel the object remember your promise to love yourself and remember that the Universe loves you tooFeel the connection and breathe it in

This is who you are and you are loved and adored by something very eternal
Witches become BeachCombers during the Summer using the tides ~ moon ~ weather to aid our imaginations into spells

I have received the touch the ebb and flow of the rhythm of the Ocean

The tides of the inner earth that roll boundless into the Soul’s of Man

My dreams and destiny are boundless also

Here lies the visible working of earth

As I too shall rise up with the tide!

As you find shells along the shore (we call it shelling) bring some home

After a quick dusting off of the sand and a drying out of the water which should not take very long

Write your wish on the inside of the shell and those wishes of friends and family members (use a permanent ink marker)

Keep your eye on the tide

And upon the next high tide and as the surf is crashing on the shoreline cast those shells far into the Ocean

Toss them one at a time thinking first about what has been written on it and asking the mighty Ocean upon its surf to bring to you your wish

The Ocean will carry your wishes with it deep into the waterFor banishing bad habits or any type of negativity do the same thing with writing down what you want to banish on the shell but for this we use a low tide

You will have to walk out into the water to meet it’s edge on a low tide

Cast your shell in the water after you have focused on its written intention
HAVE A HAPPY SUMMER…for I know I will as I spend my summer along the jersey shore which my family has done for many generations

SAMI…my dog running on the beach catching the waves and well just about anything else that moves…its the me you will almost never get to know ❤









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