Strawberry Full Moon Ritual

The Strawberry Moon is one of my favorites of the year. It has such a sweet and romantic name that just always makes me smile. It’s a lovely full moon to kick off the summer with, that’s for sure!

Strawberry Full Moon Ritual | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Tools and Supplies Needed

  • Pink or white candles
  • Rose quartz
  • Rose opal
  • Fresh strawberries
  • White wine

Tidy up your altar and ritual space, or find a comfortable spot outside in the garden. It is so important to start your ritual feeling fresh, clean and uncluttered.

Light the candles. Pink candles are ideal for the Strawberry Moon but, of course, white is also a suitable substitute.


Place one or two strawberries at the bottom of a wine glass and slowly cover with white wine. This is sort of like a tame sangria and it’s perfect for a warm almost-summer day. Muddle the glass a bit with a spoon to release some of the strawberry flavor.

Place the glass in the center of your altar. Carefully arrange at least four pink crystals, such as rose quartz and rose opal, around the glass. If you do not have enough pink crystals, clear quartz is a good substitute. In between the crystals, place at least four small fresh strawberries, so the glass is surrounded.

Hold your hands on either side of the glass and close your eyes. Imagine a soft pink light emanating from your hands, infusing the glass, crystals and strawberries. Say aloud: “To bring sweetness and cheer.”

Slowly lift the wine glass from the circle of strawberries and crystals and take a steady sip. Continue to sip from the glass as you conclude your ritual with a card reading or guided meditation.


How will you be celebrating the Strawberry Moon this year?


Source: Strawberry Full Moon Ritual


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