How To Cleanse Your Crystals


When do I cleanse my crystal?

You’ll want to cleanse your crystal as soon as you acquire one and after using it for a while. Depending on where you purchased it, there may have been people touching the stone, letting it absorb different energies.

If you use it for any healing session, it is essential to cleanse it right after. If the stone feels “heavy” or the color has darken, it’s a gentle reminder to cleanse the stone.

It’s important to mention that you do not clear negative energy, instead you release energy that doesn’t resonate with the natural frequency of the crystal. Also, while you are cleansing your crystals, it’s important to put intention into it, asking for protection or dedicating love to the crystals is the best medicine.

Method #1: Smudging

Smudging is one of the most common ways to cleanse your crystal. The most common herb is white sage although you can use mugwort or even palo santo.

All you have to do is light up your bundle of herbs or palo santo, allowing the smoke to pass over the stones.

Pro tip: If you’re using stones that are not porous, you can use a smudging spray.

Method #2: Salt and Water

You can easily soak your crystals in salt water and let it sit for about seven to eight hours. If you don’t live close to the ocean, simply mix water with some sea salt, it will have the same effect.

Avoid putting crystals that are porous, contains metal, or have a water content. So do not put crystals like Pyrite, Lapis Lazuli, Selenite, Desert Rose, Opal, Howlite, and Hematite.

The other method that has to do with salt is to bury your crystals in salt for 7-8 hours or overnight. It’s pretty easy and efficient!

Method #3: Sound Therapy

You can cleanse your crystals with a singing bowl or a child. If you’re on the go or don’t have a crystal bowl, you can search it on YouTube.

My favorite sound therapy videos are this one and this one.

Method #4: Reiki Energy

This is a pretty easy exercise for a Reiki practitioner/ Reiki master. Simply draw Reiki energy on your body until you’re beaming with it and hold the crystal with the intention of cleaning it. Once you feel like it’s cleansed, you’re done!

If you’re not a Reiki practitioner and would like to use Reiki, this link and this link will be useful for you.

Method #5: Moonlight and Sunlight

This method is the most common one, simply let the stone sit or 1-2 days, letting the energy of the sun and the moon to charge and cleanse your crystals.

Be careful with the stones you’re going to put out, amethyst and rose quartz can discolor overtime if it’s under the sun for hours and if  you put them out in a rainy day, your porous crystals disappear.

Method #6: Using Other Crystals

You can use large clusters of other crystals that cleanse themselves (like amethyst!) to clean other stones. Simply let them sit on the large cluster overnight or until you feel like you should take it out.

Method #7: Herbs

You can use herbs and flowers such as rose petals, sage, frankincense, myrrh, or sandalwood and leave the stones with the herbs for a couple of days.

Method #8: Burying The Crystal

I’ve used this with an amethyst cluster and it seriously works! Simply bury your crystals for a couple of days and once you take it off the earth, it will be a lighter shade of color.

Method #9: Blowing on the Crystal

This method was taught to me by a metaphysical store owner and it has worked for me. Simply blow on the crystal with the intention of cleansing it, imagine that the crystal is filled with dust and you are just blowing it away. It’s great if you’re a person who is always on the go and forgets to cleanse their crystals constantly.

Method #10: Running Water or Rain Water

Hold the stone under running water with the intention of removing the energy that doesn’t resonate with the crystal. Some people imagine a ray of white light around the stone or ask their guardian angels to cleanse them and fill them with wisdom.

Other people use rain water to cleanse their crystals because they think it’s the purest type of water you can get aside from running water. Simply put the crystals in a bowl and let them enjoy the rain. Again, avoid putting porous crystals or crystals that contain metal.


Source: How To Cleanse Your Crystals


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