Third New Moon of Spring

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain

Becca Stadtlander Flowers

Greetings Dreamers, Artists and Moon Walkers, our third and last new moon of Spring arrives on Thursday, May 25, 2017. I did an oracle for all of us, to remind us to hold the completion of our dreaming for the remainder of spring:

Still your passions and settle your will; all things come when its the right season at the right time. If you wish for a speedy outcome, you will be disappointed. If you do not expect too much from others, you will find gratification. Remember that unbridled ambition is repugnant and wishing the world was the way of our “little self” is futility. We practice contentment at whatever stage of life we are to refrain from grasping. It is only a practice my friend until it becomes real.

Gemini moons represent a few things: the mind first and foremost, and then all its forms of communication, the natural duality of our life, confusion, busyness, listening and magic – which is basically insatiable curiosity. This moon is also the tricks that life can play on us and as most of us know, the tricks (bad luck) in life can lead to sorrow or at the more severe, shock and anger or sadness. If the tricks are more magical, we enter the spiritual realms of illusion and confusion and even more tricks that we have to overcome. Symbolism of the Gemini twins in solar work represents me and the world or me and the “other” but in lunar work it represents the two sides of our own duality, the bi-polar me.

One of the keys in life is to practice accepting all struggle as good for us in order to grow, but this is two-fold, its so we can make clear decisions about what is good and healthy for us, so we can let go of what is harmful and destroying us. Accepting struggle as a practice, must have intention and decision making as part of the practice, otherwise we do not step forward in our personal evolution, we are just letting others take advantage of us and beat us up.

When we resist our personal struggles we don’t make changes, or we look away from them because we are too busy in our life, or we get angry at anyone or anything that challenges us about our weaknesses…. these are all Gemini’s opposition, the brother Sagittarian Coyote Heyoka Trickster who will naturally enter your personal space because we let things get too far out of hand in our life, we had no boundaries, we are co-dependent, we fear change. The trickster arrives to generate a pressure of our analytical intellectual faculties and shows us what is real beyond that facility of logic and reason.

The Sag component is release and trouble, and for a good reason. The world is not any crazier than it was in the 11th or 2nd century, we just added more problems with the mind cult. Positive essential disruptions of any kind, created by nature, god.dess, human or animal is based on the destruction of matter to get to the heart and soul of an internal matter. Disruption invites our real ego (eccentric) to be challenged, this is because in order to heal the wounded inner child or narcissist or fearful one within, we must learn to develop and then sustain real “self love”… if its someone else who suffers from mental issues, there is not much you can do for them, they must do the work themselves, even at the cost of having to lose you.

Learning patience, listening and flexibility is difficult and even more difficult when we are challenged. The hoarding opinions of our mental body must be controlled and the emotional body or soul must lead the revolt against personal privilege of the “mind kind” where opinions, thoughts and beliefs have all been breast feeding our ego too long after we are adults. This only makes us dependent on our belief systems that have been worn out in other stages of our life.  When we challenge our self, we add deep listening to our self and what we are really saying, thinking and doing so we can week the inner mental garden.

This is Gemini at its finest and I have a lot of experience at this as an Aquarian in the Gemini house opposing Uranus (the bad boy chaos of life) who constantly was throwing his lightning bolts at me as my Sag ran and then finally turned around and pulled the Archer’s Huntress Arrows and began the work to decriminalize my mind and how I justified suffering. I wasn’t ever afraid of the truth, I need to seek the truth to find out who I was and if my thoughts and what I believed were real. Most of them were not, that lead to sorrow of a world that is so dark but hidden. So I worked on my own shadow and Illusions after that. I have done all the mental disciplines, slaying and work possible this lifetime.

To heal a mind that keeps us distracted, stagnant and noise filled is a revolt against this part of the self that seeks health and peace and this is how we become free from mental pain, mental break downs, mental confusion, headaches and migraines, or mental opinion without experience or even the believing the communication inside our head as real, without ever challenging that. Mental break throughs are possible and then you go from perspective to higher perspective.

We rebel in a positive way against words and communication that are not real in our head, in our life outside our head, the gossip or even political gossip which is just story telling at its root or slick marketing of the mythology that was built two thousand years ago, which sometimes knocks us down.
vinochky wreaths in Ukraine Kyiv on Andriyivskyi Uzviz

If you are struggling right now, the medicine of all struggles great or small can be worked within the practices of surrender and acceptance because those are required before we can work with “letting go” which leads to real “rebirths.” There is never a simple answer to the troubles in our life, but there are always solutions to long standing behaviors. Air signs like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius offer us a great tool to be creative, to be in the world of knowledge, inter-personal communication with others to express our feelings (truth) and unplugging a bit from the world at large.

Identity: I have seen relatively healthy people, debilitated from change, when change is much needed. Ask yourself if life is asking you to change right now from your old ways, old memories and old wounds and those belief systems to create new ones (called values and morals). Values were one of the themes of Taurus last moon cycle, so put what you learned from your intention last month into seeking that new found value of yours. Be kind to yourself in your self evaluation and also be honest to form a new identity of the self at this stage of your life;

Mental Confusion: The mental body has flaws, sicknesses and weaknesses just like the physical body, its one of the most difficult attributes when it comes to “change” because this requires actual mental awareness which comes from stilling your mind. Every movement of over-stressing in one direction calls forth in time an equally extreme movement in the opposite direction to find mental balance. This means if you are very silent then you need to talk more, if you are a big talker, you need to fill more silence into your day and all the variables that goes with these two.

Meditation is always a good practice to still or slow the mind down, in order to become aware to grasp personal change. And for those who want self mastery, go master Zen meditation everyday for an hour for four years until you slay the wicked parts of your mind… or set one moon intention one month at a time for the next ten years : ) or both!

The World Card, XXI ~ The Milanese deck, dated 1835Examples for your 3rd New
Moon Intention (set only 1)…

I am mentally peaceful
I observe with clarity
My mind is clear
l am positive
I am impeccable with my words

I forgive myself
I forgive
I listen deeply
I live in the present

I am grounded
I am patience
I practice self respect
I am brilliant (if you don’t feel smart)
I practice humor (if you need to lighten up)

I heal my impulsiveness
I am a good communicator
I have endurance
I am fair
I am inspired
I am creative

I make my voice heard in a healthy way
I overcome boredom
I listen deeply
I embrace who I am right now
I accept change
I share

I practice selflessness
I share uncomfortable feelings
I allow personal critique
I have healthy boundaries

Have a beautiful New Moon Month and see you at the full moon! Blessings!

Images: Becca Stadtlander Flowers; Ukraine Market; World Tarot Card.

Source: Third New Moon of Spring


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