Sometimes we have to reach out and sear any Cabal Warlocks and Witches who would practice their Art against us

This is accomplished by your “focused intention” and by making a humble open hearted request of the Great Source that watches over you to surround you with the White Light of Protection

A Shield of Strategy

That will surround you like a bubble because this is my space

Or a tighter shield to protect your person like armor because this is my body

To protect yourself from

BindingsFirst thing to consider when building a Witch’s Shield is what you will be using it for

What or Whom…is attacking you

Or perhaps like myself I just want some everyday protection from the crazy world we live in

So you want to create a barrier that allows your own Energy through unimpeded while offering you strong protection from outside influences

So that anyone sending harm your way has that harmful energy bounced back as them

By your pulsing energy you are sending out

Having to learn the ability to dissipate and dissolve any direct energy weapons they are using against you

Teleport that unwanted energy outward away from yourself rendering it inoperativeYou must be and absolutely believe you are stronger than any Dark Hearted Cabal attacker

Without any doubt for having a doubt will take down your Shield by your own hand

Leaving you exposed to their attacks and rendering you unprotected

A Work of Art going on in your own mind

Deep Concentrate
Strong Belief
Faith in Yourself

Trusting you can win this battle

Yes…we do add some help and decorate ourselves and our sacred places with the Symbols of WitchCraft to help us along with the evil powers that lurk about and to keep them at bay

PENTAGRAM: visualization


HEXAGRAM: protection

Some worn as a necklace around the neck reaching down to the chest in the area of our heart

On fingers especially the index finger

Hung on front doors ~ trees ~ walls

To help build that Shield of Strategy around our being as well as where live work and play

A Witch’s Shield is considered a weapon

To put on your Witch’s Shield is putting on your armor it is a sign that you’re looking for a fight a battle to protect yourself from anything that could be thrown at you

This Shield is not visible to the naked eye yet it is most definitely recognize in you and that it exists around you

This in itself will make those think twice before making you their target

Your Witch’s Shield is a barrier set out by your “intentions” very strong intentions to keep you safeYou cannot buy it in a bottle or grind it together with the mortar and pestle nor can anyone give it to you or help you with it

It lies within you…and only you have the power through your belief and trust in yourself to bring it forth!



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