Binding & Knot Magic Spell

Knot2To bind or not to bind…. some people are torn by this. It tends to walk the fine line of harming none so to speak and preventing someone’s free will.  We can argue back and forth about the benefits of “helping” someone or helping yourself with this type of spell work. Its commonly used to break or stop bad habits and actions and can even work as a form of prevention. You might want to read a bit more about binding here

Knot and Binding work is a very popular choice for us in our region. You always had some type of string or thread on hand. I have done and continue to do binding and knot magic for myself, on others and for others. Each time I do a binding spell I include a protection binding on myself specifically in relation to the binding work being done.

This can take a bit of time requires a lot of focus, so make sure you won’t be interrupted.

What you will need:

  • 2 pieces of thread that you can easily knot. Ideally you would use a specific color based on the bind. Black is the standard, so if its all you have that’s fine. Its about the intention first, color is secondary.
  • 1 white candle

Sit quietly and imagine your bind and specifically what you want the result to look like. Choose your words very carefully, what are the exact actions you want to bind? See the image of this person, project this bind on them. Once you have a solid image in your minds eye  you can begin.

The names and words you use should be of your own creation. You do not need to find a written spell to follow. Let your mind and heart guide your words.

Lets Begin:

  1. Tie the first knot and state your bind. ie: I bind Jane Doe from biting your nails
  2. Continue this action and exact words for 13 knots
  3. Wrap your candle with your knotted thread. Use a pin if you need to to keep the thread attached. Again repeat the bind as you wrap your candle
  4. Take your second thread and wrap it around the candle for your protection. Use your words to state what you need protection from related to the bind.
  5. Light your candle and let it all burn down. It will be a wax/thread/pin mess.
  6. Remove it from your home if it is regarding someone else. You can throw it into a river or bury it in a forest. Or you can put it down a hole of a tree. If it is for yourself, bury it in your garden or keep it hidden in your home.

Once you are done, if you have the time immediately after take a hyssop or rosemary cleansing bath.

Happy Witching!

Source: Binding & Knot Magic Spell


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