The Shaman is a quite unique individual with talents and skills that blend with the force of Nature

Their skills combine knowledge and wisdom they gained from an inner World Journey

The Shaman has the Medicine Power to heal and help others

He searched for that special power an answer to my questions deep among the Spirits

I did need the healing the answers would bring to me…

It was quite an experience

First He cleansed me of bad feelings and negative vibrations that had attached themselves to me most of which I was unaware of but yet could feel

That cleansing was a passing of smoke from burning herbs that he passed over my bodyThere in the smoke I could smell a hint of sweetgrass to bring in the good Spirits as the burning Sage did drive out the unwanted ones

A sweat came over me

I believe it was the release I so desperately needed

His name was John BlackFeather as he was garmented in animal skins and cherished beads he took me along with him on a journey to some other World

I was sent off into seclusion with no food or water no blanket for warmth

Separated from all the Worldly goods I had come to know


Lost in my own mind

A Heart that had gone cold
A Soul without a flame
My very own Spirit lost

Where do I go to become whole again

Then it came the splendor I searched for…

It was the Sun this visible image of some divine goodnessAs the Sun rises and sets everyday it taught me of the symbols of both life and death and how I can begin to renew myself

Breathing it in I could feel in every breath


I was now provided protection from the cold I shivered from a hot meal to fill my hunger and draped in the basking Sunshine as my Guardian Spirit guided me safely into prosperity

Returning into my World of Reality I brought along with me the healing answers I was looking for

I had finally obtained my own empowerment…


By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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