“Blue Shield of Fire Visualization” By Ellen Dugan

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A small ritual to defend against the negative vibes of a person or situation 

To practice raising your own blue energy shield, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Let it out slowly.

Now, picture in your mind a neon blue ring of protection that’s been conjured by your own personal power and imagination. You could adapt our “raising personal power” exercise from chapter 1, if you need to. (Instead of imagining a yellow light shimmering around you, turn the color to a neon blue.)

Think “Shields up” and, when you get to the “expand the energy out” part, toss that halo of light down onto the ground, where it blows out into a fiery ring of protection that will completely surround you. Hold this imagery in place for a moment or two, as you get away from the person or problem. If you hold this ring of fire visualization too long, it will probably make you tired and crabby afterward. This visualization and the following magickal spell are meant to be used for a few moments, not for an hour or two. Some variations of that theme of “blue fire” are as follows.

Some folks may like to visualize the classic witches’ big blue sphere of protection. Think of a large bubble of bright blue light that envelops you, both over your head and under your feet. This visualization can be enhanced by adding the phrase,

“As above, so below.

All around me protection grows.”

I personally like to imagine a blog, bubbling sapphire cauldron at my feet. I came up with the idea of a sapphire cauldron because the sapphire is a magickal and protective stone. The contents of this deeply blue and gleaming cauldron bubble, boil, and then spill over the sides. As the liquid hits the ground, it forms a mist of glittering, blue colored protection all around me. While using this visualization, I have had negative people abruptly back away and then complain about how warm they suddenly are feeling.

Some people may want to picture themselves in a medieval type of armor in glowing blue. Go with what works for you. Visualize the angry personal’s hatred bouncing off your armor, mist, ring of fire, or bubble of protection and harmlessly melting away.

Try this protective spell to go along with your visualization:

“While I’m safe here within my bright shield of blue, All anger and negativity now returns to you. Leave me alone and go bug somebody else, Your temper will so make you ashamed of yourself. Safe from all harm,I forever shall be And as i will it, so shall it be.”

Work for harmony and acceptance before defending yourself becomes an issue. If things in your life are starting to turn sour, start working to fix things right away. Don’t wait until you’re in so deep in it.

I hope you enjoyed this spell and if you have any questions be sure to message me and please follow too if you can.

Made with love. -garden.

Source: “Blue Shield of Fire Visualization” By Ellen Dugan


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