Romany Spell

I'm a Genie in a Bottle

This is an Ancient spell I found digging through archives and meeting Novice Witches alike. I may not be a novice, per say, but I do consider myself a novice – always. I love learning and exploring everything that is me, now and before. The reason for being.

This spell has some literary references and poetic value, so if you find any citations feel free to contact me.

The original author is unknown, so I plan on preserving this spell with no name. If you do find one, tell me who it is and i’ll include it immediately.


This spell is used to contact past self. To tell past self about now, through joining and merging thoughts. What I mean to say is, you will be able to dig through past archives without interference from the mind. You will be able to find thoughts easily, at the click of a button.

The difference between this spell and past, past spells, is that this will allow you to hear thoughts from the future and past in order to merge what was, to what is.

This may sound complicated, excuse my mind, I just need to state spells work differently for everybody, but, it will mix what was to what is using the above only.

I am going to tag along as we are speaking.

Let us just say as a Scorpio, past spells are becoming my favorite for now. They help you let go of the Scorpio “past addiction” mantra.



  1. Chamomile Tea Leaves {Tea bags work fine. They burn quick so be careful with your hand. If this sprinkles on the candle we will use, shortly, it intensifies the spell, but don’t get caught up on accomplishing the inevitable}
  2. Small Green Square Cloth {Not big enough to cover your face, but not small enough to only hold a coin}
  3. White Candle {Any shape or size so long as it can withstand holding it sideways without breaking}
  4. A Pendant or Ring {One you hold dear or use occasionally}


  1. Find a surface, like your altar, where you can spill ingredients.
  2. Inscribe your name on one side of the candle. Light your candle and focus on the flame with your intent in mind. Visualise what still causes you pain. Visualise who it is you would like to communicate with, like someone who did not answer a message. Hear your own thoughts and get in rhythm with them.
  3. Place your Green Cloth on the surface and place Chamomile in the centre.
  4. Place the Ring or Pendant in the centre of your cloth and repeat the following:

Round About The Cauldron Go

Toad That Under Cold Stone

Days And Nights Has Thirty One

A New Belief My Thought Have Sprung

Choose Now Ancient One

Take out your Pendant or Ring and wear it. Burn your cloth along with the tea.

This spell has no repetitions but I repeated it thrice to strengthen my thoughts.


Good Luck and Blessed Be



Source: Romany Spell


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