…by rusted nail




1 glass jar with lid
3 nails

1/4 cup black peppercorns
3 cloves garlic

3 tsp sea salt
1 coin

black ribbon
black candle

Tangles Spanish moss
rain water

On the coin scratch a single word to describe the darkness you want to rid yourself of

In the glass jar put in all the ingredients except the rain water leave that last to pour over everything once put inside the jar

After all is in the jar very carefully pour the rain water over the ingredients nearly to the top of the jar

Just a word of caution…

Once all the ingredients are in the jar


Never Ever.

Not in your home or yourself if you do the Spell will backfire

Your remedy for a spill is to immediately wash your hands and remove any clothing it did spill on and wash out the clothes either in the sink or washing machine right away as well as cleansing the table etc it dripped on

Lid the jar tightly and bury it far away from your home and yourself

You will have to wait exactly 29 days before you can prepare this Spell once again so mark your calendar otherwise

BE CAREFULOnce the jar has all the ingredients in it including the rain water and this part might be tricky leave it out somewhere no one will touch it or spill it and the jar must be left open as to allow the nails to oxidize into rust

Leave the jar to be still in its secret hiding place for 19 days

On the 19th day lid the jar very tightly

Following the 19 days look upon for the very next Full Moon Night

On that evening light the black candle

Hold the jar in the palms of your hands

Think about the strife you are experiencing the darkness you want lifted off of you

Take the black ribbon wrapping it around the jar

awaken these energies safe unto me
by rusted nail and salt by sea

Drip on the lid of the jar some black candle wax

Extinguish the candle and go outside under the Full Moon and bury the jar 9in deep in the Earth

Once accomplished relight the black candle letting it burn out down to its wick

In time you will have noticed that the darkness has left you


It there a great deal of hostility anger and fighting going on in your home or place of business that is leading to a lot of negativity energy and just total craziness

Here are the ingredients to begin the remedy for a cure

You will need a small glass jar of War Water which is

Rain Water in which nails have over time rusted themselves in

Into the jar with the rain water and 3 rusted nails

Add 13 drops of one of these oils


War Water is used to cause Spiritual War upon someone or something whereas adding drops of one of the oils to it cuts into the war of a situation you are already having to bring a soothing calm

Lid the jar and leave it in the room or area where the trouble is

Soon a calm shall take over


Source: …by rusted nail


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