The power of Air is of the mind

The force of intellect inspiration and imagination

It is your


Air is the Element of new life and new possibilities and is absolutely essential to Spells and Rituals

Air aids us in visualization a vital technique in MagickIt is like a vital Spirit that passes through all things giving them life as it moves and flows all around us allowing us to breathe it into our minds bodies and spirits

Air is the glue that binds our Spells

NORTH WIND: color of pitch black used in cleansing the negative energies or thoughts of the mind

EAST WIND: the color of rich blue adding power to water Magick as it is the healing force of the Spirit and the Body

SOUTH WIND: deep yellow gives you power in whatever Spell you cast especially in business

WEST WIND: pure white to change your thoughts cleansing your way of thinking with a pure light of energy and is used for Spiritual Spells and Rituals to make you feel great joy and happiness filled with positive energy

Air is a Natural Energy and a Powerful Force to be reckoned with and once learned how to use it will help you to feel balanced


Source: AIR


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