Full Flower Moon Spell for Renewal

on May 10, 2017

As we move towards the season of summer with next month heralding the summer solstice let us focus this month on renewal. Everyone loves spring because it means cleaning out the old, bringing in the new, getting outside into nature and feeling a renewed sense of well-being and bursts of energy. The birds are coming back from their journey to warmer climates, the tulips are beginning to pop up out of the wet earth and the mornings are lighter as the sun begins its ascent into the sky earlier and earlier. As our physical environment awakens it’s time to turn inwards and look at what is rising within ourselves. What in your life have you let lapse that you would like to bring back into focus? Perhaps during the winter you became a hermit and now would like to reemerge and get yourself back into the social life? Were you a runner in the past and would like to start your exercise program again? Or maybe you are just getting out of a bad relationship and you are ready to recommit to YOU. It doesn’t matter what it is but this full moon let’s take the time to make a commitment to renewing an enjoyable past time or aspect of ourselves in our lives. Shed the old skin and be reborn into a shiny new one where you are feeling full of energy and ready to tackle the world.
Correspondences for the Flower/Hare Moon

Colors: Red, orange, yellow

Herbs: Mint, cinnamon

Trees: Hawthorn, rowan

This full moon is fiery and passionate. It’s about renewal, abundance (not just monetary), growth. The seasons are changing and it is time to push ourselves a little bit harder than we have been in the recent past. The moon is also in scorpio this month and scorpio is all about intensity and action. Harness those energies this month while you create a renewed sense of wellbeing.

Candle Spell for Renewal:

1 taper candle (white/red/orange or yellow will work)
Anointing oil (Mint or cinnamon oil would be appropriate)

Incense (I like to use Fire Goddess incense which I purchase from The Sacred Owl)

Scribing tool-Pencil/pin


Candle holder

Incense holder

Safe place to burn the candle and incense

First off you will want to get yourself into a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed for a while. Light the incense and place it in a safe place where it can burn. Close your eyes and focus on your breath, as you inhale count to four and as you exhale count to six. Continue to do this until you feel yourself reach that liminal space between the worlds.

Now we are ready to begin. What do you want to focus on this moon cycle? Are you going to renew your social life? Romance? Freedom? Spirituality? Whatever it is in your life that you wish to bring back into focus think about HOW you can do that. If your intention is to bring the spark back into your marriage think about what you can do to manifest that. Maybe you start leaving your partner love notes in the morning. Perhaps you schedule some sexy date nights for you where you find a babysitter for the kids or go away for a night. The point is to ACTIVELY ENGAGE IN THE MANIFESTATION PROCESS. You’ve heard the phrase, “God helps those who helps themselves,?” This is being put into action right now. You need to do the work to manifest your goals. Magick isn’t for the lazy.
Now write yourself a list of steps to accomplish this. After you have your list down (don’t worry it doesn’t need to be a book, it can be five things you commit to doing to making your magick work) you need to take the key word you have chosen and carve or write it onto your candle. A pencil actually works well for the inscribing.

After you have done this now take your oil and anoint the candle. You will want to start at the top (towards the wick) and begin to rub the oil down the length of the candle, moving it towards yourself. This is because we are drawing that energy towards us and into our lives. As you rub the oil into the candle focus on your intention, see it in your mind and envision it manifesting. This is the most important part of the spell because you are building the energy that is flowing into your candle which is going to send it to the universe as it burns. After you have thoroughly coated the candle with the oil now you will burn the candle.

Place the list you have written in a place where you will see it on a daily basis to help reaffirm your goal. Now place the candle into a safe candle holder and light the candle. You can say something like,

“As this candle burns I send my intentions into the Universe, to manifest my goals/desires of ______________.

I ask my spirit allies and deities whom I work with to aid me in this magickal working and help me attain my wish.”

Sit in meditation as you watch the candle burn. Notice the flame and how it moves. Is your candle burning slowly or very fast? If the wick sputters out perhaps it means you need to reexamine your intention and find out if you are truly ready for it. Let the candle burn down safely. As you finish the spell you may close it with a simple, “So mote it be./So it is/Blessed be/Amen”.

Note the spell and details of it in your grimoire or Book of Shadows so that you may look back on it during the next full moon and see how if your spell worked for you.

Source: Full Flower Moon Spell for Renewal

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