I didn’t seem to need anyone’s approval in seeking my own creative inspiration

There was this thing I had in which it helped me to develop my own flavor of spiritual and emotional incarnation

It lead me to become aware of my own Witchiness

Which turned out to be a very wonderful time…and I accepted it!

Once I did that a vast field of play if you will opened up to help cultivate my powers

The world began to make sense to me as I viewed my life through a new rose tinted lens

I had this inner authority
Great imaginative power
That moved through my new found genius

Magick woke up inside of me

My heart throbbed
My soul on fire
I was alive…for the very first timeOh…yes…I can be very offensive to…well…just about everybody

Especially to those who are let’s say of the non-magickally oriented types of people

And those who profess their ideas of what magick should look like

I walk into a room and everyone gets alarmed at the presence of me

My strange signature way of being in this world

But ultimately…I don’t care!

I have things to accomplish

Rituals to Craft
Spells to Cast
Stories to Write

I have my own genius to concern myself with

And I don’t have the time nor the effort to be constantly soothing those weak of spineI just adore when I make people nervous

No matter how much I tone it down in the way I dress or in my demeanor I still make people nervous just by my very presence

I guess that’s due to the sense that surrounds me that I am unpredictable and completely uncontrollable

No one rules me

And I despise those who do allow themselves to be controlled

Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and see just what program is running in their head

Where they block themselves out and what they let latch onto themselves

And through this it causes their own mishandling of their energy and power

…and shall we not leave out when we recognize when someone is full of it!

That penetrating vision we Witches have what a blessing

I look at those people and see how they have deceived themselves because I too have unraveled many of my own self-deceptions

To Thine Own Self Be True

It’s all about the unseen stuff that has all the power


Large amounts of it lives in our minds and our hearts

I have this Spiritual Practice I engage in everyday lighting a candle ~ saying my prayers ~ bubbling a brew

Then comes my…

Material Reality in life of paying bills ~ driving a car ~ going to work

The World of Spells and Magick


The World of Reality and Practicality

…and thus we come to understand the World of “Practical Magick”

Source: WHO WAS I


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