Crystal Healing with Tumbled Stones

Are you a Crystal Healer or just someone who loves to have crystal eneegy in your space. Then you may enjoy this deluxe crystal healing kit, I put together.

I personally love working with tumbles stones, because:

  1. They are easier to carry around.
  2. They don’t scratch like raw crystals.
  3. They won’t irritate your boobs, if you are carrying them in your bra.
  4. They are safe for children to hold too.
  5. They are great for crystal grids.
  6. You can even make gem elixirs with them, like rose quartz, quartz, and blue lace agate (research before making any for consumption or topical use).
  7. They are easy to gift to friends.
  8. You don’t have to worry about them falling part like raw crystals
  9. Their energy can sometimes be gentler.

If you don’t need a huge collection like this: There are smaller kits available in my shop too.
Crystal Blessings sent your way! *Sarah*

Source: Crystal Healing with Tumbled Stones


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