It does have some importance the type of water you use in your brews

We usually prefer well and distilled waters rather then that water which pours from the tap at the kitchen sink

Distilled Water is used for medicinal preparations

Not for magickal operations for it is inert

If you’re going to drink the brew distilled water is definitely betterWell water and Rain water are used for brews that are not for drinking but rather for the cleansing and consecration of objects ~ sprinkled in corners doorways and windowsill of the home or place of work for protection security or success ~ can also be used for bathing to clean ones physical being just prior to Rituals ~ Spells ~ Bewitching Hour


SPELL TEA (drinkable)

3 parts rose petals
2 parts yarrow
1 part cinnamon

Brew the ingredients in Distilled Water or Spring Water or any bottled water you prefer no tap water

Steep 19 minutes by hourglass

Drink before and during your SpellWork to enhance your magick abilities

CLEANSING BREW (do not drink)

Collect any 9 sacred plants of the Witches such as


Your choice to select 9 of them

In a non-metallic bowl or pot add rain water and let the herbs soak covered and away from light for 3 days


Use in the house
Outdoors around the house
Place of business

To purify the area to bring in all the positive and abundance you can handle!

PASSION BREW (very drinkable)

5 parts rose petals
1 part clove
1 part nutmeg
1 part lavender
1 part ginger

Make this brew in the usual way you would brew and steep an earthen pot of hot tea

Turn off flame and let it cool down

Then bottle it
Lid it
Label it

Refrigerate it til you choose to use it

In your loves favorite drink add 9 drops of the Brew (without him/her knowing) to turn the passion you share…hot exciting sexual

…and PS: you can add a few more drops if you like…💋

Source: BREWS


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