“Your Cold Heart Spell” (By Silver Ravenwolf)

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“I don’t know about you, but I’ve met people who just don’t want me to get ahead no way, no how. In your life, this could be a teacher, a counselor, a friend, the parent of a friend or even a relative. This spell is designed to remove the emotional walls they’ve put up against you, and allow them to see the truth. Sometimes, these people act on gossip they’ve herd and not on what they perceive for themselves. Although adults sometimes have a tough time believing their friends or family would purposefully deceive them, teens seem to have a real problem with this issue. Hundreds of times, various peers of both my daughters have tried to turn sister against sister with gossip and lies. Each girl had a hard time discovering that their peers only wanted to cause trouble for their entertainment. This spell, them, can do double duty for you, if necessary.”

-Silver Ravenwolf

Moon Phase: Any time

Day: Saturday would be best, Tuesday is okay, also Friday

Planets: Saturn, Mars, or Venus

Supplies: A cube of ice;a dish; a piece of paper on which you write the other person’s name with a black pen or marker; if you have a picture, you could use that, too

Put the picture (of you have one) and the person’s name on this plate. Place the ice cube on top of the picture (or the paper). Chant the following:

“I melt your cold, cold heart with angel fire.

The truth you’ll see, and not the mire. 

As this ice melts, the truth will appear.

Pushing away all that you fear.

If gossip lies at the root of this.

This little spell shall not miss.

And then I shall expose the liar.

Angel fire, rise higher and higher.”

Chant the last line as long as possible, the more the better. When you have finished, let the ice melt to warm water. Flush the water down the toilet, saying

“I flush the negativity away and bring myself a brighter day”

Keep the picture in case you must repeat the spell. When you have the results you want, throw the picture away.

I hope you guys enjoyed this spell and if anyone has any questions or concerns about it don’t hesitate to message me. Take care -garden.

Source: “Your Cold Heart Spell” (By Silver Ravenwolf)


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