A garden begins long before summer turns the world green

It has turned into spring and the earth is ready to receive your plants herbs and flowers

We have prepared the soil and sowed the seeds

Some of the herbs planted in pots on balconies and patios

Others planted directly into our little backyardsWhichever suits your space is just fine as your Witch’s Garden can also be planted in a single container


…just to name a few

It seems more and more people are growing their own herbs these days

Some study their growth for their healing properties

Others pay tribute to their beauty

And still there are those who wait patiently to enhance their favorite recipes with their home grown herbs

How fresh and delicious that sounds

It’s a great way to reconnect with the earth or attract wild life to your homeHERBS and FLOWERS

ROSEMARY: independence


SAGE: communication

SKULLCAP: stability

MINT: freedom

COLTSFOOT: love and peace

THYME: insight

PEPPERMINT: prosperity and success

SUNFLOWER: compassion and wisdom

When you plant and according to your Spell Bound needs you may want to take into consideration the color of the plant/herb/flower to align your workings with the properties of what you are planting

The number of leaves or petals on a flower for SpellWork

To line yourself in order to manifest the plants energies with your energy and with what you are trying to accomplishAnd don’t forget to keep your Journal handy to write down all the progress your Garden is making

Everything from how to plan it out

The variety of herbs you planted

And how it made your life taste better!

As you begin to tap into the vibrational healing power of the earth…



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