My Home Is My Castle Spell (Protection spell made by Silver Ravenwolf)

Ever herd of the old saying “My home is my castle?” Here are some protective ideas to keep your home safe and secure.

✨ Each night, go to every window and door. Make the sign of the pentacle over the window or door and say.
“Spirit, protect this place from all evil, and may the angels guard this home and all within.”

Check to make sure your doors and windows are securely locked.

✨ Hang a broom empowered for protection on your bedroom door or the front of the house.

✨ Keep a sliced onion on the kitchen window sill (onions repel negativity.) When the onion sprouts, replace the old onion with a new one.

✨ Sprinkle all doors and windows with holy water once a month.

✨ Grow plants and herbs associated with protection in the windowsill or in well lit places around the house. Talk to the plants often, and keep good care of them. Ask them to protect your home.

✨ Place statues of angels in your room for protection.

Image result for glinda the good witch gif

I hope you enjoyed this spell and if you have any questions feel free to message me or send me an ask.

Source: My Home Is My Castle Spell (Protection spell made by Silver Ravenwolf)


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