Tune-Up Your Magical Attitude

C9eoynnUQAATq2PLife can play havoc on us even in the most mundane ways and its easy to let the little things pile up and become overwhelming. This can start to affect us magically. Magic comes from within you, your heart, mind and your energy. The quality of your attitude will absolutely directly affect your desired outcome. Magic requires a lot of focus, a clear mind and high vibrations. You can’t expect to perform well if you are not in a good way, or think and speak poorly of yourself. Keeping yourself in a positive place is crucial for magical work.

Clear all negative thoughts and blockages, this affects your energy output and also how you receive energy and messages. The first part of magic is focus! You want and need to be able to be very clear on your magical intentions, and direct your energy where it needs to go. This requires positive energy with strong unwavering certainty that it will be as you wish it to be. That there is no other possibility other than the one you have set forth.

You need to keep yourself healthy, eat well, drink lots of water and be grateful! This is a huge one, don’t take things for granted. Get lots of sleep and meditate! This is so important to clear your mind and simply be happy. Take physical action and try taking a midnight walk in total peace. If you thrive in the bustle of a big city, then go there and get stuck in! Need some time with your best girlfriends and a pizza, do that! Put on your favorite song, go for a drive, snuggle your pets, buy yourself some flowers.

It doesn’t always have to be about some type of “ritual” to set you straight. Think about what your body wants, what your heart wants, what your brain needs and do that thing and continue doing that and make it part of your regular activities to always keep your vibrations high.

When I was little I was always told “fill your whole self up with butterflies, not just your belly. That’s how you will fly”  I always remember that and right away I start to cause a still in my belly first and let it grow. That feeling of a million butterflies, how could it not raise your spirits. That’s magic, right there.

If all else fails… give someone a gift. There is something so powerful in the act of giving. That moment when you give something to someone, especially when they don’t expect it. Its a game-changer. It doesn’t have to be over the top, even just bringing someone their favorite coffee can be the action it takes to get you back in magical shape. Yup, that simple.

You want to be able to manifest your magical energy the absolute best you can? Then tune-up your magical attitude with what makes your heart happy.

Happy Witching!

Source: Tune-Up Your Magical Attitude


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