Dreaming 102

MiddleWorld: As the illustration below shows, when you are experiencing in your dreams (or in-between waking and dreaming) of a “pulling or sucking upward” experiences, this means that your astral (soul) body is being sucked out without your permission. Its being sucked “up” by an outside source that is not an internal soul doing nor giving the soul sucker permission to do so. Fight and resist this as much as possible when you become aware to pull yourself out and off of the IFO military ship. This has been going on since the 1980s and lucidity is required and everyone’s lucid levels are from zero to 100%.

UnderWorld: As the illustration below again shows, when you are experiencing in your dream state or in-between (waking and dreaming) the falling downwards, this is a natural state of your soul, and not to be frightened but concerned. This is when one must begin to deal with the karmic astral soul body in the underworld. One should “never” work with their personal karmic astral body shadow without disciplines, sobriety or shamanic plant sobriety, as it can bind you more and the falling will then cease. If the “falling downward” begins to happen it is time to work with grounded disciplines and personal issues. Mine started within awareness for me around seven years old and lasted until I was about 12. I suggest you do what I did, which is to again, wake yourself every time.  When one is older, it is the time the realms opens to heal personal issues at greater levels than normal and begin to work with a sober shaman of experience.

As a dreamer (shaman) I counsel and guide with experienced wisdom, for those wanting to ground and stabilize this activity of either up or down, of one’s soul body II am available. I work with the different levels,  practices and grounding disciplines of  the processes all levels of the soul, paranormal experiences, out of bodies, multiple levels of dreams, dreaming and more advanced dreaming.
Art: Pierre Julien Fieux

Source: Dreaming 102