Sometimes we loose along the path of life a most cherished friendship

Someone who you could talk to freely and tell all your secrets to

There are many reasons that a friendship could have been severed or perhaps the miles where you live has driven a barrier between the two of you

Here is a spell using sunflowers to bring that friendship back into your lifeNow that you have a bit of understanding about the sunflower let’s begin


13 fresh sunflowers
3 yellow candles
3 ft of string (can use cord or ribbon)

{{according to the size of the sunflowers you may need a few more than 13 or a few less if so use an odd number such as 9 or 15 etc}}

The sunflowers can be home grown or purchased from a florist or farm market

Take the 3 yellow candles and with a pin or needle carve your friends name on 1 of the candles then your name on the 2nd candle and the word friends on the 3rd yellow candleOnce that is completed

Get the sunflowers and string ready on your work table so you can attach the sunflowers to the string to form a ball of sunflowers so that it can be hung up outdoors in the sunshineI do suggest grabbing a cup of coffee or a hot brew before you sit down to begin this may take a bit of time and it will be an effort for you to put together which your friendship is well worth itSo whatever your choice of poison is grab it get comfortable it will be some very tedious work indeed ahead of you also needing a lot of very dedicated focus on your part so you have been forewarned before you begin this task for as I have been told anything worthwhile takes hard workThe sunflowers are now in place along with the other tools

Light the 3 yellow candles that sit upon your work space

Your friends candle first
Then your candle
Lastly the friendship candle

Start at the stems of the sunflowers and intertwined them one at a time onto the string to form a ball

To attach them to the string

If this method is giving you a hard time take a big sip then figure out for yourself how the sunflowers can be attached to stay put on the stringYou may use twist ties or hot glue or whatever your imagination can dream up is just fine to attach the sunflowers to the string

Keep your focus on your friend yourself and the friendship you use to share

Think about the things you did together the places you visited and the laughter you shared with each otherThe fun times
The times of sorrow
The times of joy

You must stay
SpiritedThis flame shall shine by day and night

You will look up and see the light

To guide you back into my life

And forever banish all anger and strifeAllow the yellow candles to burn for 3 hours

Then snuff them out

Relight the same 3 yellow candles everyday or evening which ever works better for you never skipping a day for that will break the spell always with your thoughts on your friend and your friendship while lighting them and repeat the words above 3x

Til the yellow candles have burned themselves down to their wicks

The sunflower ball to be hung outdoors by your front door in the fresh air and bright sunlightKeep your front door decorated with sunflowers it will bring into your home bright positive sunny days filled with laughter and happiness…



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