Bottle and Jar Magic


Bottle magic is probably one of the most versatile and easy forms of spell casting I’ve encountered. It could be as small as a bottle necklace or as big as a large vase or jar (preferably something with a lid, though, to keep the magic in).

Actually a form of folk magic, a spell is sealed inside a container. This serves a number of purposes – the first being that it keeps the magic concentrated, and prevents it from escaping before the spell has been completed. The other nice feature of a jar or bottle spell is its portability – depending on the size, you can take it anywhere you like, whether it’s buried under a doorstep, tucked into a hollow tree, placed gently upon your mantle, or tied around your neck. You could even incorporate this kind of magic in your altar.


What sort of container you use in a jar spell or bottle spell will partially depend on the intent of your working. For instance, if you’re hoping to do magic to facilitate healing and wellness, consider putting your spell ingredients into a medicine bottle, pill container, or apothecary style jar. Personalizing these spells is easy, and makes them much more powerful. Try to use a container that means something to you if you can.

The ingredients can be vary from very simple to complicated depending on your intent and available materials. It could be as easy as putting your money aside in a jar with a blessing, or you could fill a bottle with various herbs and oils and even objects to reach your intended effect.


Keep in mind that spell jars can be plain and simple, or you can decorate them to look pretty. The nice thing about a decorative, attractive jar is that you can leave them anywhere you like, and no one will even realize that magic is afoot.

Here are some examples of some basic bottle and jar magic, to get you started:

Healing Bottle Magic

Prosperity Bottle Magic

  • Money Jar
  • Attracting Prosperity
  • Attract a New Job

Love Bottle Magic

Mind Bottle Magic

Happiness Bottle Magic

Source: Bottle and Jar Magic


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