So your interested in having a little trick up your sleeve

Just to give Nature a push in the right direction

…for if it is right…it will happen…

You want someone to fall madly in love with you

It’s all in the power of your mind

Some might believe using a Love Spell is an unfair advantage for the SpellCaster

And maybe…it is

But after all it’s your life to do with it as you please

The only true sin is not living your life to the fullest

One thing you must possess to perform a Love Spell is be open to love

For a closed heart will cancel out every attempt!


Periwinkle is known as the Sorcerers’ Violet

It is impossible to deny love and passion when Periwinkle is used

To make your lover more passionate sprinkle Periwinkle under the bed you share

If you have in mind to attract a lover and have the one already chosen give her/him a bouquet of Periwinkle flowers and present them to your loveThat bouquet will stick in their mind as an object of your love for the rest of their days


Make 2 dolls…and they do not have to be fancy or large…all that is important is the intent of who they representLabel them

One with your name and one with the name of the one you wish to

Be Friends with etc

Love Spells do not only apply to love but also friendship

Bind the 2 dolls together with

Red Ribbon for love
Pink Ribbon for friendship

Then stand them on a table

Sprinkle the dolls with WITCHs GRASS

Surround the dolls with 9 candles

3 red candles
3 pink candles
3 yellow candles

Put candles in holders in a circle several inches away from dolls so soon to be lit

Leave this in place til the very next New Moon

Light all the candles and think about what you want


If your mate has wandered to the arms of another and you want your love back you must start to be aggressive immediately

You must burn 7 candles

1 each

Yellow to drive away jealousy and envy

Brown for untangling what has become tangled

Green for a healthy relationship

Red to attract back your love

Pink for your mate to overcome bad influences

White for yourself to regain your personal purity and spiritual well being

…and 1 figure candleThe figure candle will represent the individual your mate is tangled up with

If you know this individuals name carve it into the figure candle with a needle if you do not know the name of this person mark the candle with a letter X

Set these candles up in a row next to each other with the figure candle front center of the other candles

Burn the candles every night for a while then extinguish them out re-light the candles every evening til they have burned down to their wicks

As the candles burn…so will the figure candle leaving it reduced in size and the passion between the lovers will also be reduced

Complete this burning of all 7 candles as a part of your daily night time Ritual as he shall return because he will no longer be able to resist the temptation…of you!



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