The Dark of the Moon is a time of


A transition between the death of the olde and the birth of the new

As the Night Sky is notably absent of the presence of the shining Moon

Sometimes we fail to understand that endings are the precursor to new beginnings. So when the rhythms of life move us into these dark phases we are ignorant of what is actually happening

It begins the process of our healing and renewal rather than what most believe it to be as a time of fear and the unknown

The purpose of the Dark Moon is for focus on our inner dimensions of our bodies and of our minds

A perfect time to attune ourselves to the natural rhythms of what is next to flow into ones life

A time to dwell in a graveyard to summon the Ancestors that had so much to do with enriching our lives

A time to dance among the wild patches of poisonous plants that grow deep in the enchanted woods. A Widdershins Circle of song dance and music

Eliminating all that negative energy in your life

To begin to release the sorrows that can very easily overwhelm us

For if we hold in those sad memories for a lengthy period of time they can become a habitual way of thinking for us

The power of life…

Your life lay in the darkness of the moon

To uncover your darkest secrets
To meditate on the inner self
To understand passion and anger

Yes…it is a time of mystery but as well it is a time of wisdom. Light a black candle and receive all the gifts the Dark of the Moon has to offer you ♠



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