Seraphinite And Siamese


I’d seen pictures of this crystal before, but when I actually got to hold a piece, I was pleasantly surprised by its “vibe”… Its name is derived from one of the older words for an angel, Seraphim – they usually hang about with Cherubim… but I’m not writing about those…

Seraphinite has a wonderfully soft, tactile feel to it, the smooth, dark green surface is flecked with silver formations of mica that give the appearance of divine feathers; and indeed, this is one of the crystals most popularly used in making angelic connections and opening the crown and higher crown chakras.

It’s a beautiful stone to use in meditation as it will open your awareness to the possibility of spiritual enlightenment and help you access self-healing. With such a gentle and loving energy, this crystal is good to help with living from the heart, by which I mean instilling every action, every thought, with positive love.

It cleanses and opens the heart chakra while the silvery feathers of mica aid travel to the higher spiritual realms, protecting the physical body whilst the ethereal body travels. It will bestow clear vision to help you view your life progress and identify and complete any changes you need to implement for a peaceful and fulfilling life.

On a healing level, this crystal works with the spinal cord and helps to relieve muscle tension. Each time I hold this crystal, I feel a flick of energy against my fingers, as soft and warm as feathers… or cat fur.

There have been so many books, histories, articles and even poems written about the origins, character and personality of the Siamese cat; how they can be aloof, or demanding, vocal and annoying… I have only ever had one pedigree cat – my Burmese, Ming, when I was a little girl, all my others have been assorted Domestic Short Hairs, to give them their formal term.

And yet Ting, my Siamese, although she has no papers to testify to the purity of her bloodline, is practically a picture book example of this distinguished breed, with her own very personal take on Life and how she sees it. Left in a hedge with her sisters, she began her life a far cry away from the fabled palaces of Siam that surely should have been her heritage.

This traumatic start could have affected her temperament adversely but it is no exaggeration to say she is a furry angel… Far from being aloof, my little Ting is warm and loving and will stop what she’s doing at any given time for a cuddle…

“Never mind eating, all right, we’ll just have a bit of a cuddle and I’ll even throw in a few purrs, no extra charge… “

She is the only cat I have ever known who is unfailingly warm and friendly, not given to the sometimes stand-offish attitudes of Madame La Princesse and the other two girls.

From the tragedy of a taxi ride to the vet for her booster…

“NA-OOOHHH – where ARE we?? WA-OHHY are we HERE?? to the relief of going home..

“Oh, I’m here, home, I love everything, hello door, hello table, hello Charlie – ouch – hello chair…” my Siamese greets all of Life’s little adventures with unfailing love and optimism, the other side of the coin to her sometimes grouchy feline sisters, but it just goes to show, really, that we all have our own paths, our own interpretations of Life, and it doesn’t matter what you call it, we are all seeking a return to Light, to Source.

It’s all about energy, interpretation and of course, Love.

Source: Seraphinite And Siamese


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