The Dead Match Curse

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This is a really, really practical curse, it is perfect for when an argument gets out of hand, when someone abuses their authority, or more especially when a relationship is imbalanced in decision making and when one partner is feeling mistreated, used or abused. Manipulate your manipulator to teach them a thorough lesson.

The expected results? Loss of energy and general desire to get shit done, an anti-energy spell if you like, they can’t do any manipulating if they are too weak to try.

The ingredients are simple:

Dead matches, the natural by-product of a busy witch. Lots of them, like handfuls of dead matches, depending on the size of your jars and how much you want to reprimand the victim.

Other possible ingredients: crappy old wax, incense ends and ash – which is bad for your anyway, cigarette butts, ashes from the fireplace, if you’re a kitchen-witch add bits…

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