Basic Info About the Zodiac Signs

Aries- The Ram
March 21 – April 20

Positive Traits: Adventurous, energetic, pioneering, courageous, enthusiastic, confident, dynamic, quick-witted.
Negative Traits: Selfish, quick-tempered, impulsive, impatient, foolhardy, daredevil.
Age- Woman: 28-35; Man: 28-35
Angels- Samuel
Animals- Ram and Sheep. Tiger, leopard, stallion, vulture.
Birds– magpie, robin.
Body Area– The Head, brain, face.
Cities- Naples, Capua, Verona, Florence, Marseilles, Krakow, Leicester and Birmingham (UK).
– Red, green, pink, white, yellow, orange.
Common Illnesses
= fevers, inflammation, complaints, wounds, accidents.
Country- England, France, Germany, Denmark.
Element– Fire
Flowers, Herbs and Spices
– Capers, Mustard, Cayenne, Pepper, Red Chilies, Thistle, Bryony, Peppermint, Honeysuckle, Dragon’s Blood, Cactus, Blackberry, Garlic, Onion, Rosemary, Thyme.
 Shallots, Onions, Leeks, Hops, Most strong tasting foods.
Gemstone- Diamond
Influences– forceful, self-willed, enthusiastic, exaggerative, passionate, extrovert, pioneer, courageous, self-sufficient, idealistic, energetic, impatient, adventuresome.
Keywords- assertively, urgently, forthrightly, selfishly.
Metal- Iron
Numbers- 7, 9
Oils– cloves, frankincense, ginger, basil, rosemary, cinnamon, dragon’s blood.
Origin– The Ram appeared for the first time in Egypt, alternating with a goose’s head as the symbol of Aries; its origin is a mystery.
– Positive, Masculine.
Ruling Planet
– Mars, the Roman God of War
– bloodstone, garnet, amethyst
Trees- Thorn bearing trees and shrubs; hawthorn, some types of first, holly, chestnut.

Taurus- the bull
April 21 – May 21

Positive Traits:
Patient, reliable, warmhearted, loving, persistent, determined, placid, security
Negative Traits: Jealous, possessive, resentful, inflexible, self-indulgent, greed,
Age– Youth; 14-21
Angel– Anael
Animals– cattle, bulls, cow
Birds– dove, sparrow, swan
Body Area– the throat and neck, the thyroid gland
Cities- Dublin, Lucerne, Mantua, Leipzig, Palermo, St. Louis.
Color– pink, red, yellow, pale blue and green (pastels shades in general).
Common Illnessesweaknesses in the throat or neck, congestion in the chest, afflictions arising from diet.
Country- Switzerland, Ireland, Iran, Cyprus, the Greek Islands, Parma, Capri, Ischia
Day– Friday
Element– Earth
Flowers, Herbs and Spices– foxglove, rose (especially pink varieties), poppy, columbine, daisy, violets, sorrel, cloves, spearmint, alfalfa, honeysuckle, rose, vervain
Foodstuffs- cereal, crops, especially wheat, grapes, artichokes, asparagus, beans, apple, pear, berries
Gemstone- Emerald
Influencesstrong-willed, toiling, practical, sensuous, musical, literary, artistic, moist, temperate, fruitful, magnetic, beneficent, intractable.
Keywords- Possessively and Permanently
Metal- copper
Number– 6
Oilspatchouli, rose, jasmine
Origins– The Egyptian Horus was the Bull of Heaven, and a white bull was sacrificed in Babylonia at the New Year to placate Ramman, the god of thunder and lightning.
Positivity/Gender– Negative, Feminine
Quality- Fixed
Ruling Planet– Venus
Stonessapphire, lapis lazuli, moss agate
Trees- ash, cypress, vine, apple, pear, fig

Gemini- the twins
May 22 – June 21

Positive Traits: Adaptable and versatile , Communicative and witty , Intellectual and eloquent,
Youthful and lively
Negative Traits: Nervous and tense , Superficial and inconsistent , Cunning and inquisitive
Age- Girlhood/Boyhood, 7-14
Animals– birds (talking birds, especially parrots and parakeets), monkey, minah birds, butterflies, dog, squirrel, serpent.
Birds– parrot, eagle, finches
Body Area– shoulders, arms, nerves, chest, lungs
Cities- London, Plymouth (UK), San Francisco, Melbourne, Nuremburg, Bruges, Cordoba, Versailes, Cardiff
Color– yellow, white, silver, Spring green, pale gray, red, blue, brown, purple, violet
Common Influencesafflictions of the shoulders, lung, chest, biliousness, nervous debility, nervous diseases
Country- Belgium, USA, Lower Egypt, Sardinia, Armenia, Wales
Element– Air
Flowers, Herbs and Spices– lavender, bittersweet, lily of the valley, myrtle, marjoram, caraway seed, aniseed, balm, parsley, dill, fern, iris, lavender, clover, pine, mosses, vervain.
Foodstuffs- peas, broad beans, nuts, those vegetables grown above ground (except cabbage), carrots, horse chestnuts,
Gemstone- agate
Influencescommunicative, inventive, alert, inquisitive, swift, sharp, versatile, dry, mental ardent, youthful, mobile, idealistic.
Keywords- Communicatively, Adaptably, Versatile, Restlessly
Metal- mercury
Numbers– 5
Oilsbenzoin, bergamot, lavender, peppermint
Origins– Castor and Pollus, peculiarly bright stars, were probably the original heavenly twins (actually called in Egypt- the Two Stars)
Positivity/Gender– Positive, Masculine
Quality- Mutable
Ruling Planet– Mercury
Stonesdiamonds, chrysoprase, agate
Trees- nut bearing trees, hazel, elder

Cancer- the crab
June 22 – July 22

Positive Traits: Emotional and Loving, Intuitive and Imaginative, Shrewd and Cautious, Protective and Sympathetic
Negative Traits: Changeable and Moody, Overemotional and Touchy, Clinging and Unable to Let Go
Age– Babyhood to 7
Animals– animals with a shell exterior, such as the crab, otter, seal, stag, heifer, unicorn
Birds– seagull, owl, white peacock
Body Area– chest, breast, alimentary canal, stomach
Cities- Amsterdam, Manchester (UK), Tokyo, New York, Istanbul, Stockholm, Milan, Venice, Genoa, Cadiz, Magdeburg, Berne, Tunis, Algiers
Color– smoky/silvery gray and silvery blue, pale blue, silver, pearl white, emerald green
Common Illnesseschest injuries, bronchitis, pleurisy, pneumonia, disease of the stomach
Country- Holland, Scotland, North and West Africa, New Zealand, Paraguay, Algeria
Element– water
Flowers, Herbs and Spices– convolvulus, mountain saxifrage, field rose, verbena, tarragon, white flowers (especially white roses), acanthus, water lily, cow parsley, geranium, poppy, white rose, lemon balm, lilac, thyme.
Foodstuffs- milk, fish, fruits and vegetables with a high water content, cabbage, turnip
Gemstone- pearl
Influencesreflection, sensitivity, memory, receptiveness, fluctuation, sympathy, magnetism, responsiveness
Keywords- Protectively, Sensitivity, Moodily
Metal- silver
Number- 2, 7
Oils– chamomile, lemon, myrrh, rose, lavender, sandalwood
Origins– Cancer the Crab probably originated in Babylon; but twin turtles were associated with this sign in Egypt, where Thoth, among other things the god of astronomy, ruled the constellation
Positivity/Gender– Negative, Feminine
Quality- cardinal
Ruling Planet– Moon
Stonesmoonstone, pearl, crystal
Trees- all trees, but particularly those rich in sap, maple, alder, willow, sycamore

Leo- the lion
July 23 – August 23

Positive Traits- Generous and Warm-Hearted, Creative and Enthusiastic, Broad-Minded and Expansive, Faithful and Loving
Negative Traits- Pompous and Patronizing, Bossy and Interfering, Dogmatic and Intolerant
Age– Early stage of life
AngelMikael, Michael
Animals- Lions and other big cats, wolf, griffin
Birds– peacock, eagle
Body Area– Heart, Spine and Back
Cities- Rome, Prague, Bombay, Madrid, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Bath, Bristol, Portsmouth, Syracuse, Damascus.
Color– yellow, orange, gold, vermillion, copper, blood red, light green, white
Common Illnessesheart, eyes, back, spine, angina, lumbago
Country- Italy, Romania, Sicily, Czechoslovakia, Southern Iraq, Lebanon, South of France.
Element– Fire
Flowers, Herbs and Spices– Yellow flowers like celandine and marigold; saffron, peppermint, rosemary, bay, laurel, honeycomb, rice, spinach, cereals, rue, sunflower, peony, basil, angelica, chamomile, sage
Gemstone- Ruby
Influencesinitiation, power, glory, vigor, ardor, beneficence, creative force, talent, self-expression, full of ideas.
Keywords- Creatively, Impressively, Powerfully, Moodily
Metal- Gold
Numbers– 1, 4
Oilscinnamon, frankincense, rosemary, myrrh
Origin– The lion is associated with the pattern of stars in its constellations, and may originally have been suggested by it; it was probably born in Egypt at least 3000 years BC.
Positivity/Gender– Positive, Masculine
Quality- Fixed
Ruling Planet– Sun
Stonesamber, tourmaline, diamond
Trees- Bay, Olive, Palm, Walnut, Citrus, Pine, Oak

Virgo- the virgin
August 24 – September 22 

Positive Traits: Modest and Shy, Meticulous and Reliable, Practical and Diligent, Intelligent and Analytical
Negative Traits: Fussy and a Worrier, Overcritical and Harsh, Perfectionist and Conservative
Age7-14 years
Animals- All domestic pets—in particular, cats and dogs. Rooster, squirrel
Birds magpie, parrot
Body Area– The nervous system, abdomen, stomach and intestines.
Cities- Paris, Boston, Heidelberg, Athens, Lyons, Corinth, most spas and health resorts.
Color– Green, Navy Blue and Dark Brown, blue, gold, peach, yellow, amethyst, black, indigo
Country- Greece, West Indies, Turkey, the state of Virginia (US), USA, Brazil, Crete, Yugoslavia, Mesopotamia, Lower Silesia.
Element– Earth
Flowers, Herbs and Spices– all brightly colored small flowers, buttercups, cat’s ear, alkanet, yellow archangel, forget-me-not, crossword, cardamom, rosemary, cornflower, valerian, lavender.
Foodstuffs- Vegetables grown under the earth; kohlrabi, celeriac, carrots, potatoes
Gemstone- Sardonyx
Influences practicality, discernment, healing, intelligence, healing, fundamentals, purity, craftsmanship
Keywords- Critically, Analytically, Carpingly
Metal- Mercury, Nickel, Platinum, Quicksilver
Numbers– 5, 10
Origin– Nidaba, Egyptian Goddess of grain, was probably the original of the Virgin (the Egyptian harvest began when the Moon was in this constellation). In Sumeria the figure, far from being a virgin, was that of the Great Mother, whose daughter was sometimes the guardian of the harvest.
Positivity/Gender– Negative, Feminine
Quality- Mutable
Ruling Planet– Mercury
Stonescarnelian, jasper, diamond, tourmaline
Trees- Nut bearing trees like hazel, oak, elder

Libra- the scales
September 23 – October 23

Positive Traits: Diplomatic and Urbane, Romantic and Charming, Easygoing and Sociable, Idealistic and Peaceable
Negative Traits: Indecisive and Changeable, Gullible and Easily Influenced, Flirtatious and Self-Indulgent
Age14-21 years
Angel- Anael
Animals- snakes, lizards and other small reptiles, hart, hair
Birdsdove, swan, swallow
Body Area– Kidneys, lumbar regions, skin
Cities- Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Vienna, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Antwerp, Freiburg, Leeds, Nottingham
Color– pink, pale green and various shades of blue, rose, violet, yellow, black
Common Illnesseskidney stones, sciatica, eczema, skin eruptions, Bright’s disease, nephritis, lumbago, worry, overstrained nerves
Country- Burma, Tibet, Indonesia, Austria, Japan, Argentina, Upper Egypt, Canada, some of the Pacific Islands
Element– Air
Flowers, Herbs and Spices– Large opulent roses and any blue flowers, such as bluebells; hydrangea, daisy, mint, cayenne, violet, lily of the valley, primrose, strawberries.
Foodstuffs- cereals, berries, wheat, apples, pears, grapes, artichokes, asparagus, beans, most spices.
Gemstone- Sapphire and Jade
Illnessesharmony, gentleness, stability, discrimination, beauty, affection, marriage, partnership, social awareness, justice.
Keywords- Harmoniously, Sympathetically, Resentfully.
Metal- Copper
Number 6
Oilschamomile, eucalyptus, peppermint, rose
Origin– The image of the scales may be connected with the weighing of the Egyptian harvest for the assessment of taxes, or associated with the Babylonian conception of the weighing of one’s vices and virtues after death.
Positivity/Gender– Positive, Masculine
Quality- Cardinal
Ruling Planet– Venus
Stoneslapis lazuli, sapphire
Trees- Ash, Poplar, Maple, almond, walnut, plum, myrtle, apple, cherry

Scorpio- the scorpion
October 24 – November 22

Positive Traits: Determined and Forceful, Emotional and Intuitive, Powerful and Passionate, Exciting and Magnetic
Negative Traits: Jealous and Resentful, Compulsive and obsessive, Secretive and Obstinate
AgeSeniority (Final Stage)
AngelSamuel, Azrael
Animals- Insects and other invertebrates, scorpion, wolf, panther, dog, wild bear
Birdseagle, vulture, dragon, griffin, phoenix
Body Area– Sexual organs, bladder, rectum
Cities- New Orleans, Washington D.C., Cincinnati, Milwaukee, St John’s, Fez, Valencia, Liverpool, Halifax, Hull
Color– Deep reds and maroons, brown, black, gray
Common Illnessesgenitals, bladder, rectum, inflammations, nervous ills, worry, mental stress
Country- Syria, Algeria, the Transvaal, Morocco, Korea, Norway, Uruguay
Element– Water
Flowers, Herbs and Spices– dark red flowers, especially geraniums, witch hazel, rhododendrons, honeysuckle, catmint, box, aloe, basil, chrysanthemums, fern, barberry, cactus, cayenne, garlic, oregano, peppers, thistle, tobacco, wormwood.
Foodstuffs- Strong tasting food; onion, garlic
Gemstone- Opal
Influencespower, energy, intensity, will, magnetism, subtlety, elimination, renewal, resolution, resurrection
Keywords- Intensely, Passionately, Jealousy
Metal- Steel, Iron or plutonium
Oilspine, thyme, ginger, allspice, black pepper
Origin– There is a Scorpion-man in the Babylonian epic of Gilgamesh (2000 B.C.); the symbol appears in Mesopotamia, and a thousand years later, in Egypt, but the origin is largely unknown.
Positivity/Gender– Negative, Feminine
Quality- Fixed
Ruling Planet– Pluto, Mars
Stones– garnet, bloodstone, jet
Trees- Thorn bearing trees; hawthorn, blackthorn, banana, holly

Sagittarius- the archer
November 23 – December 21

Positive Traits: Optimistic and Freedom-Loving, Jovial and Good-Humored, Honest and Straightforward, Intellectual and Philosophical
Negative Traits: Blindly Optimistic and Careless, Irresponsible and Superficial, Tactless and Restless
Age 35-42
Animals- Hunted animals such as deer; horses, mare, lion, unicorn
Birdseagle, peacock, birds of paradise
Body Area– Hips, thighs, liver, arteries
Cities- Toledo, Stuttgart, Budapest, Cologne, Sheffield, Avignon, Toronto, Naples
Color– Rich purples and dark blues, lilac, indigo, blue, green, red, gold
Common Influencesrheumatism, sciatica, nerve disorders, bronchitis, high blood pressure
Country- Australia, Spain, Hungary, South Africa, Arabia, Yugoslavia
Element– Fire
Flowers, Herbs and Spices– Mulberry, bilberry, dandelion, carnations, sage, cinnamon, aniseed, balsam, balm, borage, dock, mosses, garlic, rosemary, wormwood
Foodstuffs- Garlic, celery, bulb vegetables, grapefruit, currants, sultanas, onions, leeks
Gemstone- Topaz
Influenceshonesty, clarity, dignity, quality, benevolence, magnetism, encompassing, optimism, loyalty, independence, generosity, love of education, literature, justice
Keywords- Philosophically, Freely, Explorative, Offhandedly
Metal- Tin
Numbers3, 4
Oilsclove, rosemary, cedar wood
Origin– Of unknown origin; there was an early confusion between Sagittarius and Scorpio, for we find Centaur figures with Scorpio tails in Babylonia
Positivity/Gender– Positive, Masculine
Quality- Mutable
Ruling Planet– Jupiter
Stones sapphire, amethyst
Trees- Birch, Oak, Ash, beech, elm, mulberry

Capricorn- the goat
December 22 – January 20

Positive Traits: Practical and Prudent, Ambitious and Disciplined, Patient and Careful,
Humorous and Reserved
Negative Traits: Pessimistic and Fatalistic, Miserly and Grudging, Over-conventional and Rigid
Animals- Goats and other cloven hooved animals like pigs, dog, elephant, bear
Birds owl, falcon
Body Area– Knees, skin, bones and teeth
Cities- Oxford (UK), Delhi, Mexico City, Ghent, Port Said, Brussels, Constana, Mecklenburg, the administrative centers of all capital cities
Color– Dark green, gray, black, brown, violet, earth shades, silver, red
Common Illnesseschildhood, ills, bad knees, skin diseases, chills, arthritis, toothache, earache, migraine, headache, depression, anxiety, neurosis, mood swings
Country- India, Mexico, Afghanistan, Macedonia, Thrace, Albania, Saxony, Bulgaria, Lithuania, the coast of Yugoslavia, Orkney and Shetland
Element– Earth
Flowers, Herbs and Spices– Pansy, ivy, comfrey, hemlock, henbane, hemp, knapweed, patchouli, mugwort, moss, vervain, comfrey, thistle
Foodstuffs- Meat, potato, barley, beet, spinach, malt, medlar, onion, quince, starchy foods, pasta, cornflower, malt
Gemstone- Amethyst and turquoise
Influencesresponsibility, duty, inquiry, toil, restraint, secrecy, discipline, patience, persistence, doggedness, indefatigable, aspiration, limitations, taciturnity, idealism, practicality, melancholia, imprisonment
Keywords- Prudently, Aspiringly, Calculatedly, Grumblingly
Metal- Lead, Silver
Numbers 3, 8
Oilsmyrrh, patchouli
Origin– The Babylonian god Ea wore a cloak designed as a fish’s skin complete with head and tail: among his names was “Antelope of the Seas”—what better description of a fishtailed goat? He came from the ocean to teach wisdom to land-strolling man.
Positivity/Gender– Negative, Feminine
Quality- Cardinal
Ruling Planet– Saturn
Stonesonyx, obsidian, jet, garnet, sapphire
Trees- Willow, pine, elm, hemlock, yew, spruce, holly

Aquarius- the water-bearer
January 21 – February 18

Positive Traits: Friendly and Humanitarian, Honest and Loyal, Original and inventive,
Independent and Intellectual
Negative Traits: Intractable and Contrary, Perverse and Unpredictable, Unemotional and Detached
Age- 49-56
Angels– Uriel or Auriel, Cassiel
Animals- Birds capable of long distance flight such as the albatross and eagles, dog, otter
BirdsCuckoo, albatross, phoenix
Body Area– Shins, ankles, circulation, nervous system, bones
Cities- Moscow, Salzburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Leningrad
Color– Electric blue and turquoise, blue, green, violet, indigo
Common Illnesses- ankles, depression, anxiety, hysteria, nervous breakdowns, spasms, fits, paralysis, convulsive disorders, broken bones, poor circulation, varicose veins, rheumatism, electric shock
Country- Russia, Sweden, Poland, Abyssinia, Israel, Iran
Day- Saturday
Element– Air
Flowers, Herbs and Spices– Orchid, golden rain, Solomon’s seal, pepper, mullein, valerian, frankincense, myrrh, wisteria
Foodstuffs- Kumquat, dried fruit, kiwi, frozen food, apples, citrus, dried fruit, star fruit, lime, chilies
Gemstone- Aquamarine
Influences– independence, turbulence, fellowship, friendship, relationship, originality, brotherhood, optimism, genius, intellect, remoteness, literature, science, inventiveness, peace, artistry, inspiration, perversity, tenacity, intuition, depression
Keywords- Independently, Humanely, Distantly
Metal- Aluminum, Uranium
Numbers 2, 3
Oilslavender, patchouli, myrrh, spearmint
Origin– The Egyptian god Hapi watered the earth from 2 jugs; but there seems also an association with Ea, sometimes called the god with 2 streams
Positivity/Gender– Positive, Masculine
Quality- Fixed
Ruling Planet– Uranus, Saturn
Stones amber, amethyst, garnet, malachite, jet
Trees- Most fruit trees, pear, elderberry, myrrh, pine

Pisces- the fish
February 19 – March 20

Positive Traits- Imaginative and Sensitive, Compassionate and Kind, Selfless and Unworldly, Intuitive and Sympathetic
Negative Traits- Escapist and Idealistic, Secretive and Vague, Weak-Willed and Easily Led
Age– 55-63
Angels Sachiel, Asariel
Animals- All fish and other animals at home in the water. Sheep, ox, seal.
Birdsswan, stork, sandpiper
Body Area– Feet, toes
Cities- Jerusalem, Warsaw, Seville, Alexandria, Santiago de Compostella
Color– Soft sea green, purples, turquoise, blue, white, green.
Common Illnessesfeet ailments, chills, dropsy, malfunctioning liver, infectious diseases
Country- North Africa, Gobi desert, Portugal, Scandinavia, many small Mediterranean islands, Sahara desert
Element– Water
Flowers, Herbs and Spices– Succory, water lily, willow, moss, chicory, saccharine, carnation, violet, crocus, myrrh, seaweed.
Foodstuffs- Cucumbers, melon, pumpkin, lettuce, lime
Gemstone- Moonstone, Bloodstone
Influencesintuitive, impressionable, fanciful, naïve, free spirit, unworldly, creative, studious, imaginative, clairvoyant, retiring, vulnerable, romantic, emotional, trusting, vacillating, melancholy, indecisive, insecure, artistic
Keywords- Nebulously, Impressionably, Deceitfully
Metal- Platinum, Tin
Numbers– 3, 6
Oils– myrrh, sandalwood, patchouli.
Origin– On its earliest appearance in the Babylonian zodiac, Pisces was called the constellation of the Tails; the 2 fishes were associated with the goddesses Anunitum and Simmah, one symbolizing the river Tigris and one the Euphrates.
Positivity/Gender– Negative, Feminine
Quality- Mutable
Ruling Planet– Neptune, Jupiter
Stonessapphire, amethyst, crystal
Trees- Willow, fig, alder, elm and other trees that grow near the water.


Source: Basic Info About the Zodiac Signs


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