I seem to Smudge more in the warmer months perhaps due to the opening up of the windows and finally receiving some fresh cool air…

Or the availability of the new buds to pluck along with fresh growth of leaves to snip to start in the drying out process

So during my journey today I began my collecting of some herbs and plants and was looking for some Smudging Prayers to go along with it

I seem to have much better days where things go my way rather than not when I begin everyday with a positive clearing and a simple few words to sayThe Olde Timers call them just a bundle of dried herbs rolled all together and bound with string and they would be correct

We use this traditional Native American practice called Smudge Sticks to purify ourselves our homes and our place of work

Purify a room or the entire house with smoke of sacred herbs and to bring us into a more positive moodRelax and have a sense that the medicines found in their smoke are working in a kind way

These sacred herbs must be treated with reverence so once you acquire the herbs clear out a sacred space for them in your home

A place just for the herbs and plants

You can clear out a bookshelf
Use one certain table
Mantle of the fireplace

Whatever in your home you are comfortable with

An area easy to access and workable

You can place the herbs in Birch baskets to dry outTO SMUDGE

Before you begin open a window or a door

Light the Smudge Stick with a wooden match

Once you have a nice flame on the end of the Smudge Stick gently blow out the flame letting it smolder

Then place the smoldering Smudge Stick in an Abalone Shell or a Clay BowlTake that smoke and metaphorically wash your hands in the smoke

Take some over your

Breathe a little bit in and waft some of the smoke over your body

Once finished you can leave the shell/bowl in a safe place and let it burn filling the room with fragrant smokeTreat the Smudge Stick and it’s remaining ashes with respect

The proper way to dispose of the ashes is to take them outdoors and leave them to the Earth

We are not supposed to carry the ashes with us or keep them

It is what’s left over from the cleansing of yourself or your space and contained in those ashes is what amount of negativity that has been cleaned off and must be discardedMOST USED SACRED HERBS

SAGE: removes stagnant energy such as feeling sluggish, depressed, lazy, negativity to change the composition of the air around us to reduce our stress

Your field includes your emotional, energetic, mental, spiritual or physical body and your environment whether its your home, office or any other of your physical spaceCEDAR: is the medicine of protection

It is one of the oldest Ancient trees still thriving on the Earth today

Invokes very aggressively protection and wisdom

Clears a new home or apartment before you begin your living in it

Best used to protect a person, place or object from unwanted influencesSWEETGRASS: the breath of the essence of the feminine Mother Earth to bring in many blessings

Invokes love, kindness and honestly and drives out evil and harm

In some places it is known to grow wildCEREMONY FOR MOVING INTO A NEW PLACE


To prepare the rooms in your new place to cleanse the air

Cover all the mirrors

Close all windows

Open all doors including cupboard doors and closet doors

And turn off all electronics

Burn a Cedar Smudge StickStart on the left side of the door or doorway in that room and stay to the left side all the way through that room around the walls and corners then follow through the entire house carry with you the smoldering Cedar Smudge Stick

Think positive thoughts

The enjoyment and peaceful times to have in your new place in each room as you are walking throughSaying your prayers the whole time your walking around

With the smoke ask for good Spirits to stay and the negative Spirits to go away

Smolder the smoke in each room every nook and cranny

In the closets pantry and cupboardWhen you get to the front door shoot the smoke out the door wave the arm that is not holding the Smudge Stick to send the olde air out that front door

Wave your arm in a circle motion over and over again pushing out the olde air

Once finished gently tap the lit end out in a bowl or shell

Take those ashes and put them on the front doorstep to protect the entrance of your home

Then go in the kitchen and put out a feast for the house to enjoy

Use the same Smudge Stick once a week til it is finished always leaving the ashes on the front doorstep

Source: SMUDGE


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