We are the kind of librarians who don’t mind a good olde dusty book with all its Ancient smells of time

I try to figure out each evening which of my days adventures will serve as my first entry

Sometimes far from my usual fare of characters I bump into each day while I wander or perhaps stumble down my own path and go wherever it leads me

Life is nothing more than a story waiting to be written and yes there is always going to be the villain the Wicked Witch chasing you down!

With ink and paper I escape from the world and fill these pages with my power

I sit for the moment to remember who I am so I can forget about who they wanted me to be

And begin to write my story…

Words where I basically spill my heart and my mind on how I am thinking and feeling at that moment

Compared to all those books on the shelf the Diary of the Witch is actually the best seller with all of its most personal of wordsIf only to be published…


1/2 oz olive oil
7 drops pepper oil

15 drops pine oil
9 drops peppermint oil

11 drops rosemary oil
9 black peppercorns

You will also need

1 dark brown glass medicine bottle with a cork top or screw top to lid it tightly closed til use

This oil is very carefully blended not to get a single drop on your hands or any other part of yourself

If you do immediately wash it off in very cold icy water

So a suggestion might be to prepare a bowl of water and ice cubes before you begin to blend the oils handy just in case you spill a drop or 2

The Banishing Oil is used against someone who is sending negativity your way and you want it banished

First crush the 9 peppercorns just to break them apart then put them in first into the glass bottle

On top of the peppercorns add the olive oil and the rest of the ingredients

Lid the bottle very tightly

Do not shake let the oils naturally blend themselves

Then wash your hands

When you have learned about the path this foe of yours takes daily in their routine

Take the bottle along with you and pour all if it on the ground so the foe walks in it not over it but in it

Steps right on the Banishing Oil

Most usually poured in front of their home somewhere by the front door of where they live

That way it’s an almost guarantee they will step in it

It will take from that moment 1 full moon cycle for the oil to begin to work its Banishing Magick and soon after you will be free of their negativity as the weight they have placed upon your shoulders will ceaseAll written by hand my hand what shall I write about next

Places I visited
People I spoke to
Secrets I was sworn to keep

With just a little ink and paper

…perhaps today I shall write about you!



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