The Elemental Rite of Offering

This rite can be held on a specific day of the week that is special to you. There are also certain days that correspond with the elements as well, and below is a list of those and other correspondences. You can do this as either just a brief ritual of offering or as a full ritual including music, story reading, etc.

The offering can be done inside or outside. I find outside to be best because then you can actually be out in nature among the Elements, but not everyone has that option. If you’re stuck inside and still want to feel like you’re still authentically with the Elements then here are some examples of how to do that.

Earth– a potted plant, bow of sand or bowl of salt.

Air- a blowing, oscillating fan or an open window on a windy day.

Fire- a lit candle, wood stove or fireplace.

Water– take a bath or soak your feet in water.

These offerings can either be made one at a time (Air on Wednesday, Fire on Tuesday, etc.), all on the same day at different times (Air at Dawn, Fire at Noon, etc.) or all on the same day and at the same time. When you make your offerings isn’t as important as the connections you build during the offerings.

Here’s an example of how I do my Elemental offerings. Because my husband is off on weekends and has a random work schedule, it’s hard to know when he leaves and comes home from work until the actual morning, so I have a tendency to work around his schedule. That works best for me as well. So timing for this ritual isn’t as important for me.

When doing my offerings inside, I sit in front of the appropriately colored candle, although you can use a white candle for anything you need.  If you want to you can use appropriately colored stones for offerings as well as using colorful altar clothes.


Direction- East

Color- Yellow

Offering- flowers, sage or lavender

Elemental Beings- Faeries

Time of Day- Dawn

Day of the Week- Wednesday

Stones- calcite, citrine


Direction- South

Color- Red

Offering- either dragonsblood incense or a lit red candle

Elemental Beings- Salamanders

Time of Day- Noon

Day of the Week- Tuesday

Stones- garnet, carnelian, red jasper


Direction- West

Color- Blue

Offering- Water, Milk, Wine

Elemental Beings- Merfolk

Time of Day- Dusk

Day of the Week- Monday

Stones- sodalite, lapis lazuli


Direction- North

Color- Green or Brown

Offering- Bread

Elemental Beings- Gnomes, Elves

Time of Day- Midnight

Day of the Week- Saturday

Stones- obsidian, aventurine

I’m going to use Air as an example for the ritual itself so you can see how it can be done, but this is by no means the only way to do it. The words you speak aren’t as important as the intent behind them and the desire to connect with each Element.

I like to speak an Elemental invocation first. “I call upon the Element of Air to swirl your cool cleansing essence around me.” You can speak whatever words you like in whatever way you like.

Now sit and visualize the Element of Air flowing around you. Imagine yourself as that Element. Invite the Element into yourself, allowing it to fill you up. Feel it emanating from you, letting it spin in and around you. I’ve included some examples below of how to do that. After each visualization exercise, make the appropriate offering for each Element, thank them and release them. These aren’t the only ways to do it.

Earth– Visualize yourself as a high mountain covered in trees and soil merged with the Earth Mother at the base of your spine and growing and shifting in size through the millennia. Ever present, ever vigilant… a witness for the world.

Share some bread with the Elementals. This offering should go directly outside, torn into pieces and placed directly on the ground.

Air– Visualize yourself as an eagle soaring high above. Feel the wind flow through your feathers and over your wings as I climb and dive and finally land high in the treetops overlooking the world.

Burn sage and/or lavender, dress your altar with flowers and feathers. Place all offerings either on the altar (and replace regularly with new offerings, placing the old offerings outside) or place all offerings outside to begin with.

Fire– Visualize yourself as a volcano, lava churning beneath the surface of the Earth, bubbling up from the Earth’s core to the crust where you explode with energy into the world, changing and transforming everything you touch.

Burn a red or orange candle and dragonsblood incense as the actual offerings. Gaze into the candle flame as you do the above visualization.

Water– Visualize yourself as a droplet of water growing in volume as you merge yourself with other droplets. Your heart to their heart, becoming larger and fuller, spreading out league after league until your swirling compassion stretches from one end of the Earth to the other in love and compassion.

Share a glass of Spring water, milk or wine with the Water Elementals. Drink some for yourself and pour the rest in an offering bowl or outside on the ground.

Many Elemental Blessings!

Source: The Elemental Rite of Offering


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