Self Love Jar

a little bottle or jar
wax, pink if you can
sugar for peace
vanilla for tenderness
dried rose for love
dried mint for positivity
dried sage to keep negative thoughts away
lavender for calm and love
a love stone such as rose quartz (if you have one)

How to proceed:
1. Take the time to light a candle, meditate if you wish and focus on your intent: self love, feeling love for yourself, seeing your beauty, etc. Visualize it clearly and with as many details as possible.
2. Add the sugar at the bottom of your jar, then all the other ingredients in layers. With each ingredient, repeat your wish for loving yourself.
3. Finally, add the lid to your bottle and seal it with the wax (I used vanilla wax here), focusing on your intent one last time
4. Add a pink ribbon if you wish.
5. Keep the jar with you and don’t hesitate to pull it out every time you feel self doubt overpowering you!


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