For how long have human beings been making fires and gazing into the flames

Watching the smoke ascend to the heavens

And sending their

To rise along with the smoke to be heard from above the earth

Casting with fire is one of the most common ways of giving yourself a magickal and spiritual perk-up and to shine with the energy of fire

Fire Spells are used for

Through fire spells you can burn away the bad things and burn practical needs to you


Before you begin the Fire Spell you must first go outdoors and gather up some twigs

Some small pieces of dried trees that have fallen to the ground

You can collect them any where

Tiny pieces which will burn quickly and easily

Gather also dried leaves from the ground as well as pine needles etc

Whatever you find is ok

You will also need some dried herbs
bay leaf

Pick 1 of the herbs or more it’s up to you

If you buy the herbs fresh from the local market make sure to dry them out in front of a sunny window before you use them which will take a few daysYou will also need
1 purple candle
1 small fire safe cauldron or a fire safe bowl

Once you have everything you need and your ready to begin light the purple candle in a room with a window

After the candle is lit open the window so that the smoke of the burning twigs can escape up to the heavens bringing with it your intent

Now you’re ready to place the dried twigs and leaves into your fire safe container

Place it near or in front of the open window

Strike a match to it to light the twigs on fire

Look into the flames

Think about your intent…the choices you have are endless

Allow the flames to hypnotize you

Let your thoughts simply come to you as you gaze into the flames and think about your intent

When things come from the heart and in the moment that is the most powerful state for magick there is

With such a small fire the flames will burn out soon enough to glowing embers

It is at this time you add to it the herbs you have chosen gently sprinkled about the embers in small piecesThe smoke will begin to rise powerfully and that’s when you state out loud your intent followed by a prayer

Make sure the smoke is rising out the open window as to take your words along with it

Let the embers and herbs burn themselves out along with the purple candle
From within yourself
Absorb the Fire
Burn your Troubles away
Bring in a new Glow
Lastly…always have manners

Thank the heavens above for listening to you and to seal the spell

This Ancient Fire Spell can be done anytime of the year but is most potent the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday…and with the right frame of mind there is very little that could be more powerful…

Source: FIRE and TWIGS


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