What Celtic Zodiac Animal Am I?

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Celtic Animal Astrology is based on 13 lunar moon phases. Designated to each moon phase of the lunar calendar is an animal spirit. Combining a personal energy and a spiritual path to enlightenment through the animals teachings.  Find the wisdom in the animal totem associated with your time of birth just as the Druids did many lifetimes ago. Bring the best out of yourself by conjuring forth the positive qualities of your personal animal totem.

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Celtic Animal Zodiac Birth Sign and Meanings

celtic totem animal

Celtic Stag / Deer Animal Totem Meaning
December 24 – January 20

The stag or deer rules activities involving the sun and fire, internal and external change, clear and keen insight into oneself and others, emotional and spiritual healing, will power, sexual centre, authoritative and truthful, purification of the soul, inner strength, insurmountable courage, powerful manifestation abilities.

Stag carries the gift of messenger reconnecting…

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