9 Ways to Celebrate the Full Moon


Mysterious and luminescent, the full moon is a time for reflection and release. There’s a power and a mystery to the moon that still draws the eye today; indeed, we’re still subject to her eerie and often mind fogging influence. The full moon is usually a time to rest before the promise of a new cycles begins anew. So, here’s nine ways you can bring the energy of the full moon into your life.

1. Create a full moon altar.
Collect objects that resonate with the energies of the full moon. These might include, pictures of the full moon, moonstone crystal to empower you sacred space, a statue of a lunar deity, moon water, incense and white candles. Place on it whatever you feel drawn to!

2. Go outside and experience the full moon energies.
Bask in her luminescent light and allow it to cleanse you of what no longer serves. Pray and meditate under the light of the moon or simply, observe it in silence. Contemplation is always useful!

3. Perform a releasing ritual.
The full moon is the ideal time to release anything you no longer require in your life. Prepare your sacred space with incense, candles or essential oils. Then, write down what you’d like to let go of; this could be anything from emotions, thought patterns, to actual people or jobs. When you’re ready, burn the piece of paper in a heat proof dish and scatter the ashes to mother earth.

4. Connect to the lunar aspect of the Divine Feminine.
Another way to celebrate the full moon, is to honour the lunar aspect of the goddess. For example, the Greek Selene, the Roman Diana, the Egyptian Isis and the Yoruban Yemaya (there’s lots more). Learn about your chosen aspect of the Divine Feminine and spend some time connecting to her teachings over the course of the full moon.

5. Create moon water.
You can use your moon charged water for whatever you wish! Drink it (best done if left on a windowsill), spritz around your home to cleanse it, place it on your altar, use it as an offering, or add it to your bath for bathing rituals. To make it, select a glass container and fill it with water. Set the intention that the water will be charged by the energy of the full moon, and place it on a windowsill or leave it outside overnight. In the morning it’ll be ready!

6. Connect with moonstone.
Moonstone is a calming crystal connected to the moon, hence the name! Moonstone can help you to connect with your own inner cycles as well as the energises of the moon in any phase. It’s also strongly associated with the Divine Feminine. Try meditating with your crystal or placing it on your altar during the time of the full moon. You can also see if the crystal Deva has any wisdom to share with you during your meditation. See what it has to say!

7. Recognise your own internal cycles.
Remember that fact about us being made up of up to 60% water? Yes? It’s important to recognise that our internal cycles are intrinsically linked to the tides of nature. Take the time to go within and see what’s actually happening in there during the full moon. Do you feel energised? Lethargic? Sleepy? Motivated? If you feel tired, then honour that feeling and indulge in some lazy time. Or if you’re feeling very potent and magical, go with it! You can also make some notes about how you’re feeling if you feel called to.

8. Perform a full moon tarot/oracle reading.
There’s lots of tarot spreads online that are full moon themed. Try one! They’re often themed around releasing and shadow work. This is a lot of fun and can shed light on the dark depths of your subconscious mind. I always enjoy checking in, in this way.

9. Repeat these affirmations.
Recite one or more of these affirmations during the full moon. Or, make up your own!
‘I am open to receiving the healing of the full moon.’
‘I am in tune with the cycles of my body.’
‘I release what no longer serves me.’
‘I embrace change.’
‘The magic of the moon flows through me.’
‘I transform myself and my life for the better.’

Source: 9 Ways to Celebrate the Full Moon


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