Simply sit quietly for a few minutes

Block out all thoughts from your mind except for which the candle shall burn

Concentrate on the object of the Spell

A vision of that situation as you foresee it

Picture of a loved one

Power or Energy

Money you need

Someone who is bothering you

Health or Pain

Force it to be brought clearly into view

See it sharply and definitely the results as you know they will be

Once you have the outcome of the situation clearly in mind light the candle and allow it to burn for 1 hour

During this time period sit quietly and
think focus concentrate

About the Spell and contemplate its successful ending

Each day…or Night

Which ever suits you best think about the Spell then relight the same candle to burn once again for 1 hour then snuff it out and repeat everyday til the candle has burned down to its wickLet the simple act of igniting the candle along with your minds power become the Energy Field to bring about for you your obtained results

…as the candle burns down the Spell will become completed…

Source: BIND a SPELL

By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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