Kitchen Witchin’

This is a kitchen magic primer and isn’t meant to be all inclusive. That would take a very large book, lol!

Kitchen magic is one of my favorite things! There’s magic everywhere in the kitchen, from the food you eat to how it’s prepared to the spices you add. Do you stir clockwise or counter clockwise? This will be a quick and dirty list of kitchen magic correspondences to get you started.

The Elements in the kitchen:


The steam rising up from your food.
The exhaust fan on the hood of the stove.


The heat of the oven.
Knives (athames)


Boiling liquids.
Cups, bowls, pots (cauldrons).


The food itself.

Stirring in the Kitchen. Always stir clockwise. Keep your intentions positive and stir in all the love, health, kindness, success and compassion you can muster!

Symbolism. Remember when you’re cooking to carve shapes into the tops of your pies or cut your biscuits or cookies into particular magical symbols.

Remember your spice rack! There are loads of wonderful ways to use your spices in magical cooking! Instead of including that long list within the blog, follow this LINK.

What About a Kitchen Altar?

These are to be setup somewhere within or overlooking your kitchen. Kitchen craft is very common and having an altar to raise power while in the kitchen can be very useful. Deities of food or the home do well here. Also, any ancestor that was great in the kitchen could be honored here as well. You can even add crystals, flowers, herbs and your favorite cookbook.


Talking about all this kitchen work has got me hungry so let’s get down to the food itself. Just as the spices each have their own magical correspondences, so does the food. Again, in an effort to keep this blog from getting too out of hand, I’ll place a link HERE for you to follow to see a really lovely list of food and its magical properties.

Kitchen magic can be anything you want. It all depends on what you put into it. Do you want a full on Witch’s Pantry or just a place to wander magically while throwing together snacks for the family. It’s all in your hands now!

Bon Apetit!


Source: Kitchen Witchin’

By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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