A little fairy folk magic……

So Spring is everywhere arriving, and you may want to encourage the Fairies back to your garden by trying these fairy folk summoning spells. This is a wonderful little piece of magic to do with children. Last year me and my daughter made a fairy garden, and she loved every moment. When we have new plants arrive in the garden, which we do from time to time, I tell her it was the fairies……and who knows maybe it is?

A Fairy Summoning…….

  • Sit where the cat sits.
  • Cross your toes.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Smell a sweet scented flower – ideally a Rose.
  • Then say under your breath, but with all your heart ‘I believe in fairies, sure as death. Gadflykins! Gladtrypins! Gutterpuss and Cass! Come to me fairly, each lad and lass’

Have you heard the old folktales of stones with holes in being enchanted? Well this is how you can see a fairy through the hole….

  • Find a stone, ideally at the waters edge with a hole right through it. (we have great fun at the beach trying to find these fairy stones)
  • Hold it up to your eye, look through it and walk in a circle three times whilst whispering ‘The fairies peek and they see me. Now I’ll peek and I’ll see thee’
  • However, you must absolutely believe in fairies for this to work 🙂

When you have gathered a few stones with holes, it is nice to tie them together with a piece of string and hang them somewhere near a door – this is said to act as a protective charm against anyone wishing you ill or misfortune, it also looks pretty.

Happy fairy hunting…….

The image is from an early 20th century edition of Grimms Fairy Tales….

Source: A little fairy folk magic……

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