Witching Hour Forecast: April 2nd

Welcome to your Witching Hour Forecast for Sunday April 2nd! This update serves to give you the alchemical, astral and magickal lowdown for the day ahead. Now you can easily stay in tune with the Moon, keep ahead of the cosmic current and quickly maximize the potential for all your spells & rituals! Here’s the scoop:

✵ a planetary day begins once the sun rises and ends the moment before sunrise the following day, a planetary hour is one of 12 equal divisions of time split between daylight or night-time and can be shorter or longer than an actual hour

➳ you can learn more about astral time here

✵ the daily Sabian symbol is chosen via the degree of the Sun at sunrise, measurements are recorded for Colorado and could vary ever so slightly depending on your location

➳ you can learn more about Sabian symbols here

✵ there are four sections outlined below to give you a deeper insight into the different metaphysical dynamics of the day, keywords are labeled in parentheses; the daily aspect correlates to the planetary ruler of the day

If you used any part of today’s Witching Hour Forecast to prep for your own magickal undertakings, leave a comment below sharing your experience! And, as always, if you have any questions you can contact me anytime here. Wishing you cloudless nights and bountiful conjuring! Stay curious- Alisha




” A diffused bomb reveals a failed protest “


immaturity, non-conformity, frustration

Post Image_Witching Hour Forecast-Conjured Curiosity_Photo by Josean Rosario

LUNA ⊱ EMOTIONAL RESPONSE ⊰ WATER1024px-Alchemy_water_symbol.svg

current phase: crescent (struggle, assertion, improvement) 6th lunar day (6 energy; compassion, sacrifice, generosity)
traveling through: 26° Gemini ♊3 (articulate & studious) to 10° Cancer ♋1 (sensitive & receptive)
voidofcourse: 08:42 to 12:27 UTC-6 (excellent for ‘hidden’ or ‘concealed’ work however things begun are easily undone or susceptible to change)
planetary ruler: Moon ♋ (subconscious, emotions, security)
minor sub-rulers: Venus/Moon ♋1 (values & nurturing)
influenced by: Chiron (healing & integration) Saturn (obstacles & discipline) Mercury (interaction & versatility) North Node (purpose & direction) Venus (cohesion & rhythm)
major focus:

check your local moon rise & set times here
check your local voc times here

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

SOL ⊰ CONSCIOUS PURPOSE ⊱ FIREAlchemy_fire_symbol.svg

current phase: gibbous (introspection, revelation, perfection) 102nd solar day (3 energy; self-expression, creativity, inspiration)
traveling through: 12° Aries ♈2 (independent & confident)
planetary ruler: Mars ♈ (projection, desire, conquest)
minor sub-rulers: Sun/Sun ♈2 (purpose & vitality)
influenced by: currently unsupported
major focus: being the best possible version of your self by exploring your multiple talents and learning new skills

check your local sun rise & set times here

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

FIRMAMENT ⊱ PHYSICAL CAPACITY ⊰ EARTH1024px-Alchemy_earth_symbol.svg

daily aspect: Sun is currently unsupported by another planet
ruling signs: 12° Aries ♈2 (independent & confident)
planetary rulers: Mars ♈ (projection, desire, conquest)
minor sub-rulers: Sun/Sun ♈2 (purpose & vitality)
stars activated: Alpheratz of Andromeda constellation (venusian & jupiterian energy; popularity, notoriety & honor)
best used for: aegis spellwork (defensive or protective charters, sigils, wards, shields, seals, charms & amulets)

check your local interactive chart here

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

MAGICK ⊰ POTENTIAL TOOLS ⊱ AIRAlchemy_air_symbol.svg

planetary hours: Sun (power hour) or Mars
best time for: spellwork regarding willpower, vitality, life-force, potential, talent, ability, creativity, self-projection, courage, conquest, assertion; activities such as updating your resume, social media accounts or
correspondences: scarlet & teal (willpower & discovery) Sodalite (divination & meditation) Heliotrope & Marigold (exorcism & psychic power) Myrrh (purification & protection) the wolf (intuition & self-reliance)

check your local planetary hours here

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Source: Witching Hour Forecast: April 2nd

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