The Inner Chalice for the Kitchen Witch



Symbolic of the creative womb of the Goddess, the regenerative Cauldron of Cerridwen and the Holy Grail of Avalon. The Chalice represents the life-giving element of water, receptor of all things deep and mysterious. The chalice represents the cradle of life that receives, holds, nurtures and protects. Spells and rituals created with the Chalice come from a heart-centered place and filled with love and grace.


Inner Chalice Ritual

When created and consumed correctly, every drop becomes a spark of energy that mingles with your aura and every cell in your body. This can change the entire pattern of the energy that you carry, both within and without. Such transformations lie at the very heart and soul of what magick is all about.

You will need:

  • A Chalice
  • Spring Water
  • A teaspoon Passion Flower Herb and Chamomile Flowers
  • Kitchen Altar/Family Altar

Add a teaspoon of passion Flower herb and spring water to your chalice. Hold the chalice enclosing your hands around it, palms facing inward. Close your eyes, and bring yourself into a meditative state. Take several slow, deep breaths until you feel your consciousness begin to shift. In your mind’s eye, visualize white light coming down from the universe and entering the chalice. Allow the chalice to be completely absorbed by the light. When you intuitively sense that the chalice has been completely filled with light.

Visualize the light coming down through your arms and into your body. Allow every cell of your body and the chalice in your hands to be filled completely with light. Next, lower your arms and hold the chalice close to your heart. Hold this position for a few moments, allowing your Heart Chakra some time to bond. Program the chalice with an intention by visualizing the white light coming down through your Crown Chakra, filling your body, and flowing through your arms, out of your hands and into the chalice and say:

“I charge this chalice for the purpose of (state your intent and/or magickal specialty of contents)”

Now that your chalice has been activated and charged you may drink the liquid or give as an offering. This inner chalice ritual can be altered to include any crystal, liquid or herbal combination to suit your intention. If planning to drink the liquid, please ensure it is safe to consume.

Ace of Cups Meditation

Enter the arcana of the Ace of Cups. You are seated cross-legged on a green lily pad. The lilies and delicate pink lotus flowers bob in a gentle inlet. A vast ocean spreads before you. The water is teeming with life; glittering fish dart in and around the coral beneath. Though you are on the surface, you see what dances, dips, and swims beneath you. Your connection to this place is strong. Dip your hand in the sparkling water. It feels cool and fresh. You scoop a palm of water and splash it on your cheeks. Feathers rustle and you look up. A white dove with a sacramental wafer secured in its beak descends into a baptismal font. The metaphor is complete. Water is rejuvenation and life. The symbol transforms before your eyes, and you see the Fountain of Youth, the Holy Grail, and other symbols. You realize this ace connects to your emotional state as well as health. Emotions move like water, passing across your consciousness. You will continue to allow yourself to feel your emotions without necessarily acting out of reaction to them. You dive from the lily pad into the water. The coolness invigorates your skin. Swimming beneath the fountain, you let the Waters splash down upon your head. Float here as long as you like. Rejuvenate and come to these springs whenever you need refreshment. You see a white, glowing hand above you. It is the hand of magic, synchronicity, and mystery. It hands you the cup. The cup is now yours.

The content above were curated to strengthen and empower the inner chalice of a household. You can purchase a boxed set in the Magickal Folk Shop

Source: The Inner Chalice for the Kitchen Witch

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